Too many jeans?

Is there such a thing?

The manfriend was hanging up several pairs of my jeans after coming back from the laundromat and started laughing. He said something like "I didn't know you had so many jeans!" And then had the nerve to mention that I might not need anymore.

Well, friends, I live by the rule that you can never have enough jeans. Forget that I can't wear them 5/7 days of the week, but don't take away my jeans!

My new favorite jeans? Modern skinnies from the LOFT (on sale)! Fit like a glove.

This morning I counted and I have 11 pair - some lighter "summer" jeans, a few darker, dressier pair, bootcut, skinny jeans, etc. They have different purposes and probably half of them were bought on sale for $30 or so. What do you say? Too many? 

My things are jeans and shoes. The manfriend? He loves himself a plaid button up!

National Health Blog Post Month
A few weeks ago, WEGO health sent me an e-mail about taking part in National Health Blog Post Month. I thought, why not? Essentially, there is a health related prompt for each day of the month. I'm not sure that I'll partake daily, but thought it would be fun to blog about the day's subject if it sounds interesting.

Want to sign up and get the prompts? Click here.

Nov 1st topic: Why I write about my health
I write about my health because it's an important part of my life and one that is now habit. I also enjoy reading other health blogs, getting ideas for workouts, reading fun, healthy recipes and seeing others live healthy, active lives. And I love being part of the conversation.

I write about my health (running, food, relationships, etc) because I'm passionate about it, period.

Today's topic: The weirdest thing about your health
The weirdest thing about my health? I'll be extremely careful about the meat I eat at restaurants (usually only eating organic, local meat), but then I'll go a little crazy with the sweets and essentially overload my system with processed crap from time to time that it doesn't need or want - hello, Halloween.

Obviously, being healthy isn't about being "perfect," but I definitely have double standards that don't always make sense.

On the running front
I totally get when new moms say they don't have time for exercise. Many nights I leave work late and only have a tiny bit of dusk left before it's truly dark. For safety reasons, I run FAST and short so as to get 'er done and get home for dinner (and homework fun). 3-4 mile runs are now becoming the norm, whereas 5 used to be my standard midweek run.

It's been fun to run fast, but I also need to make time for some slower relaxed runs too. That's usually what the weekend is for.

Okay, time to study! I took the day off work to just recharge, study and get caught up on life. With two quizzes and non stop homework this week, there wasn't a lot of time left over. Happy Friday to you!

Anyone doing anything fun this weekend? We may hit up the first Friday art walk downtown Eugene this eve. Oh, and Go DUCKS!


Ha, I love the pic of all of man friends plaid button downs. That is definitely his signature look. ;) And mine is stripes! I have about 6 pairs of jeans, I think. It has been 2 years since I bought a pair!! I don't wear them often and am not a huge jean person as I prefer dresses or skirts, but I do have a pair of Joe's Jeans that I LOVE!

Tomorrow is Julia Child Night! So preparing for that is eating up most of my weekend!

Have a wonderful weekend - good luck with the studying!!
Tasha Malcolm said…
You can never have too many pairs of jeans! However, the manfriend has a little too much plaid I think. :-)
Unknown said…
There are never too many pairs of jeans!
Too funny peeking in his closet :)

have a great weekend & go Ducks!
jen said…
I literally have 2 pair of jeans. :( Both are super sexy though!

Thanks for the "new mom" shout out and for making me feel better about my 2.3 mile run tonight. Ha!

Have a great weekend!
Elizabeth said…
I own about 5 pairs--one that's work appropriate, one that's only for the yard, and the rest are mainly for when I'm thin enough to feel comfortable in them---bahaha! I actually am not a huge jeans person I've come to realize. I think it you wear them, then have 'em ;)

Sounds like you're still getting MUCH accomplished--be proud of everything you're getting done!
Raquelita said…
I have been wearing jeans more over the past year, but it's really hard for me to find any that fit me well, as my waist is a size or two smaller than my butt and legs. I hope you enjoyed the art walk and that you find some time to recharge this weekend in addition to running and studying.
kdubs said…
NO SUCH THING! Miss you guys!
I'm actually not a huge fan of jeans - I only have 4-5 pairs and usually wear the same 2 if I put on the denim. :) But, if you LOVE jeans? Then nope, can't have too many.

Thanks for the WEGO health post tip - going to sign up!
Amber said…
I'm actually not really a jean fan! I find them kind of uncomfortable unless they are SUPER stretchy (like the ones I have on right now!) I only have four pairs of jeans currently!! I used to wear them ALL THE TIME in high school and college though!
J said…
I have a lot of jeans too. Most of them actually don't fit well. I only have about 4 pairs that fit, and probably about 13 pairs total. I used to fit into most of them but not anymore.
You have to have a variety of jeans! I have longer ones for when I wear higher heels and shorter ones for flats! However, I only have 3 pairs, and really only wear two of them religiously (the other pair is the long pair, and I rarely wear heels). Luckily we have casual day at work so I at least get in one jean day a week!

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