Welcome to a new week! My weekend was jam packed, but super fun.

I went to my first Duck game of the season with my mom, had a "long run" of only 8 miles, got some colored skinny jeans, had breakfast with my brothers and took Jonah Bell for a 5 mile hike up Spencer's Butte.

So, I have some exciting news to share: Next week I'll be heading back to school! No, I won't be going full time, but I am cutting back my time at work to 30 hrs/wk and going to school Mon-Thurs for a few hours in the afternoon.

The backstory: Since before I graduated with my bachelors of science in Journalism: Public Relations, I knew I wanted to get a masters degree someday. However, it was said that you should go out and get some real world experience before heading back for an advanced degree.

Well... seven years later, here I am! In my self discovery to find a career I am passionate about, I have wanted to do MANY things. The list includes: physical therapist, sports psychologist, sports medicine, counselor, personal trainer, nutritionist, graphic designer, sports marketer, writer and editor and public health professional.

As you may know I am just a wee bit indecisive. That has made this discovery process EXTREMELY difficult. That and the fact that I like marketing (the field I'm in), but there aren't a lot of opportunities in Eugene.

Alas, I finally bit the bullet and took the steps to get this school train moving - I went to orientation at the local community college, I obsessively checked the registration page until spots became available in the classes I needed and I talked to my bosses at work. Everyone has been incredibly supportive, which I am so thankful for.

So next week I'll be taking basic chemistry and biology classes that are pre reqs for general chemistry and biology. At this point, I'm looking at the path of getting a MPH (masters in public health) and possibly RD (registered dietician) - some schools have a combo degree. OR an MPH with a nutrition focus.

In a dream world, I would love to help clients one on one in an office setting to get moving on the right path towards a healthier lifestyle. But I'm also interested in the public health promotion piece of things. I am passionate about health, my community and nutrition and I think my communication and marketing skills will only add to this field. Ultimately, I would love to write a column in a monthly magazine - big dream (eeks!) in addition to my full time gig.

Am I scared? Hells yes. I am a 'takes NO risks' kind of person. I am unsure if this is the path I will end up on, but for now, it is the one that will get me moving to a career I am passionate about.

Is the timing right? Well, no. But it's never going to be perfect. Plus, there's no time like the present! Over the next 3-4 years, we will be getting married, I will be going back to school (and trying to work part time when possible), we will hopefully go on a belated European honeymoon and likely start a family.

My biggest fear? I'll realize after a few years of school that I'd rather go back into the communications field.

What are a few of the careers you considered going into? Is there something you've been putting of for oh, say...7 years?!

Happy Monday Funday!

Week Prep: I made noodles, sauce w/ veggies, kale chips and whole wheat bran berry muffins last night so this week would be a little easier. I'm testing it out to see if this is something I might do during the school term. More to come...


missris said…
Wow congratulations! This is very exciting news! And yeah, it's super scary to go back to school, but learning new things and challenging yourself is never a bad thing :)
Alicia said…
Congratulations!!! How exciting!! Can't wait to see where this takes you :)
Jen said…
Exciting! I was in your place three years ago when I decided to go back to school to be an RD. (I also have a degree in Communications so it was like starting for scratch!) I'm STILL taking the pre-reqs three years later but I'll be done next summer and hopefully starting the program full time. YAY! Can't wait to read more about your journey!
Leigh said…
I think that's awesome that you are going back to school and finding a career that you love. If you don't take risks, how will you know what you are capable of? :)
Redhead Running said…
That's so exciting! Congrats!!!
Luna said…
This is so exciting!!!It's never late to do what you like.Congrats!!!And, yes!!!I've been putting off so many things, one being running (not work related, of course) and a career I would be really interested in...for much more than 7 year.
Amber said…
I am wearing coloured skinny jeans today! Such a fun trend. I really want some coloured slacks as well.

I am SO EXCITED for you to go down this road. I think it's going to be a really positive change for you and I'm so glad your work is being so cooperative. Good luck with your first week of school this week!
jen said…
Very cool!!! Good for you taking a chance. Life is too short to sit around over-thinking everything. I know your dreams will come true. :)
I seriously think this is great! I never have felt like any of my educational opportunities have led me astray even if I didn't use them exactly as expected. It's also great that you're willing to take this on recognizing everything that will be happening in the next few years---definitely possible and I know you'll do great. I actually got my MPH from PSU--I was a HP track and had friends that also were in the HMP track. Based on what you've shared it sounds like OHSU would probably be your best fit although the few classes I took at OSU via the OMPH factor, were AMAZING. Right now I teach at the CC up here and when life is more stable I seriously LOVE it. I could go on and on about thoughts but I'll try not to hog all your comment box. :) But yes, there are lots of things I've always wanted to do and most of those are things I've listed as my goals for this year (my 30th)--listed on the blog. YEA--CONGRATS! And if you want any additional thoughts, feel free to send me a message on the blog and we can connect via email.
Wow- how exciting!!!! I really want to go back to school too eventually. I am like you- I have a long list of careers I would be interested in. Sometimes I feel dumb because I don't really know what I wanna be when I grow up. I have a great job, but it is far from satisfying. I just need to bit the bullet, but I have to wait for my husband's new career to take off first so that I can get a PT job and then go to school. I love hearing about people that have made the decision to return to school and pursue what they are passionate about. It is inspiring. Good luck!!!
Stefanie R said…
Excited for you Lauren! When I started my journey to a new career two years ago, I was nervous about the change, disruption to the easy life, and if I would be satisfied with my future career. I can tell you that going back to school was great. It's refreshing to be back in that learning environment and you'll find your desire to learn is so much greater than it was in your post high school college experience. Not to say it hasn't been challenging at times, balancing/juggling everything, but it only made my desire to achieve my career goals stronger. I'm still nervous about how I will like nursing in the long run, but I know it will open a lot of doors for me and expand my opportunities.

Anyway, good luck. I know you're going to do great!
J said…
YAY! So fun yet so scary! I don't know if I will ever get my masters. Also I always bake on Sundays (except summers) and it really helps to make the weeks easier. This week I made pizza dough and pumpkin muffins.
That is awesome! Funny, because I was thinking about doing the same exact thing! I mean: going back to school after being gone for a LONG time, trying to get my RD! I wish you the best and am looking forward to what you find out, as I am always trying to find out how it goes...and as I am sure you understand, am scared about the whole process. So I am nervous/excited/happy for you! Go get em!
Lindsey said…
Yay! I'm so excited for you Lauren! And proud of you for taking this scary next step. I can totally see you helping people get on a path to a healthier lifestyle.
First off - you are in trouble for not including a picture of the colored skinny jeans! ;) Come on! :)

Second, and more importantly - CONGRATULATIONS! I know this is a big step for you and I am so excited for you. I think it is a great decision and one you will be so glad you made. I hope you gain some clarity in the months and years to come. You are such a talented, passionate, intelligent person that has so much to give. I hope you find a career that puts those passions and skills to use AND makes you feel happy and fulfilled!
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Anonymous said…
That's awesome! I wanted to be a talk show host or news anchor when I was in high school, but then switched to medicine - and that's what I've been doing for the past 8 years of my life. No time like the present! Good luck!
Raquelita said…
How exciting for you! Good luck with your classwork and finding balance as you adjust to new schedules!

Before I realized I wanted to be a historian and professor, I thought I might want to be a sportscaster, physician, physical therapist, or a librarian.
Run Jess Run said…
That's great! You're taking a big step in what will be a fulfilling career.

Other than teaching, I've thought about being a real estate agent (before I found out that I have no sales skills whatsoever). Lately, I've been thinking if teaching falls through, I would like to be a chef or a baker. I love to cook and it seems like such a fun job.
Liz said…
Congrats Lauren! Your 'dream job' sounds like it'd be the perfect use of both of your degrees, given your background with journalism and your possible MPH or RD. I know for me, it was a little weird adjusting to the whole college thing again, but I'm so glad I went back! Keep us posted on everything!

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