Finding your Zen

Did I know going back to school was going to be hard? Yes.

Did I realize how hard? Probably not.

If these were writing or business/marketing classes, I'd be feeling busy, but not overwhelmed for the most part. To say my left brain is getting worked a bit more would be an understatement.

I know I CAN do this. I'm just not so sure about lifestyle I'll have while doing it. No joke. In three days, school has me reconsidering just what I could do with my fabulous skills of writing, marketing, project management and event planning.

When you go to college that first time, everything is exciting and new. But the second time, without everything being new/different and staying up late laughing with college roomies, it's not so glamorous.

My backpack is huge. Granted, I have books, a binder and my work clothes in there.

Sure, it might be more purposeful. But at this point, I've grown accustom to having evenings to with what I wish, weekends to run my little heart out, spend time outside and travel.

I've also grown accustom to having a salary and while modest, it allows me some safety and a little room to enjoy life.

Going back to school, buying books, oh and wedding planning isn't exactly a financial plan. At least I don't see it that way. I'm still dreaming of a day when I have the money to need a financial planner - ha! Not ranting here. I realize I put myself in this situation. Just dealing with the effects. ;)

Oh, but this post was supposed to be about Finding your Zen (when your head is about to explode).

Clearly, I'm going to need some tools to decompress when life feels overwhelming. Here's what I'm thinking:
  • Meditating zen like pandora station - water flowing, Enya type stuff
  • Good tea
  • A zen study space
  • Yoga
  • Quick ways to unwind (10-15 min at a time)

Tonight, I made my return to Lifeforce Fitness after being absent for a few months. It was a great stress reducer and an awesome workout. 

The class went a little like this: 30 min yoga flow, 2 sets x 25 fast squat jumps, 2 sets dolphin push ups, plank hold, 2 sets ab crunches, 2 x 12 burpees, 2 sets clean & jerks, walking lunges w/ weights, pull ups, 2 sets oblique dips and top knee to elbow, chest press on ab ball, back extension, 1 set death ball and finally a stretcharoo!

Do you notice the theme here is zen? Do you have any recommendations? 

Ironically, Lisa also posted about finding calm among the chaotic moments in life. Bring on the zen, people!


Ha, I love that we posted about the same thing. I know my CFA stuff is different because it is self-study, but I can sort of relate to how you are feeling. It is tough to handle over control of your life and free time and commit to something... especially after you have had years of being in total control of your free time! I felt the same way when I was in grad school, too. Those were some long days and I do not miss that phase of my life. At all.

Right now you are in a time of transition, which is always so hard. It will become your new normal and you will figure it all out, but it's not easy or fun getting to that point. Just keep on keeping on, though, that's all I can say! I am glad you had manfriend there to support you and keep you sane as I know he brings so much happiness to your life.

I find zen by running, reading, knitting, and cooking! And going to church calms my soul.
missris said…
Just think, when you do finish school and all is said and done, you're going to be AMAZED at how much free time you have. Seriously, I've been done with grad school for almost three years and I still can't get over how much time I have in the evenings and weekends now.
Tasha Malcolm said…
That is a big back pack! I think that going back to school the second time is hard. I know a lot of people that have made huge sacrifices for it and in the end it was always worth it. YOU CAN DO IT!
Amber said…
Ugh I can only imagine how tough this is for you. I actually had to drop biology in college because despite working REALLY hard at it I just couldn't grasp it and did really badly on a midterm. I decided I would just drop the class and lose the money before getting a big fat F on my transcript. My left brain hates working!

But you will get through this and like Lisa said, once you're out of the transition part it will just feel like a new normal for you!
Leigh said…
As I mentioned on Twitter, if you ever need help with chemistry, let me know. I am offering my husband's knowledge (because I have ZERO!). Hope things calm down a little bit for you or you get used to the new normal of your life :)
You can always buzz me in if you need help, too! ;) I might need a refresher, but those science-y things are like riding a bike...(although in my case that's not a great comfort, heh).

If it's worth it, stick with it! If you find yourself a little stuck to find motivation after a semester, reconsider. You can choose to do whatever is best for You!

Zen = yoga. All the way.
Good luck! I think sometimes it's not Zen we need, but routine! It's hard to juggle all those things at one time and since it's a new schedule, it takes a little time to get used to! You will be fine; there will just be an adjustment period!

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