To Be a Student Again

Well, I survived my first day of class! Granted, today was biology and tomorrow is chemistry (not exactly my favorite). But remembering that it's for a greater cause is going to be the name of the game with these science classes. I might not love them, but I'm suffering now for the payoff in the end, right??

Speaking of which, I read some pretty frightening articles in our newspaper about today's graduates and their job outlook, average loan and their salaries after graduation. It sure makes the case for studying something that's going to get you a job NOT necessarily something you love (bummer).

Alas, I kind of want to love what I do 40+ hours a week so....yeah.

I also managed to fit in my morning strength routine (finishing up week 8 of Best Body Bootcamp) and a run in after work. I know this won't always be the case, but better to start out on a good note anyway. 

A few random pics from the weekend...

3 generations of men - youngest brother Max, grandpa Jim at his 85th birthday and dad

I got to go to another Duck game. This time against Arizona with the manfriend. Fun game (49-0) and it even rained a bit - loving fall so far!

The manfriend went to Interbike again for work this year and brought me back some Zensah calf sleeves. Talk about lightning yellow!

Three things I could use right now: a pedicure, a yoga class and more time. What about you?

P.S. I can already tell that this "one little class a day" schedule is going to make things tough. No more hours of blog reading in the evenings. ;)


Luna said…
YAY!Congrats on the big day ;) I love biology, but as for chemistry...ahem, let's say I find it to be complicated. ;) I am with you on the "kind of want to love what I do 40+ hours a week" ... any kind of job is stressful, but if you really don't like it, on top of that...some people can live with it, other can't survive for long. Besides having a lot of "interests" (there are so many things I'd love to do...that's not being indecisive, it's just being eclectic, right??) this is the main reason I am going to venture on a new "career path". Scary as it might be -I'm 33 yrs old- I think it will be worth it!
Tasha Malcolm said…
Congrats on your first day of class! I hope that chemistry is just as smooth for you. Just think about the big reward in the end.

Loving those bright zensah sleeves- those are pretty sweet.

I could use a manicure, a PSL latte, and some waffles right now. :-)
missris said…
Congrats on surviving your first day! I'm not gonna lie, I'm a little jealous that you're back in school, learning stuff, pursuing your dream :)
Elizabeth said…
Congrats on starting classes--hope they continue well for you! Can definitely imagine you'll be busy busy though. Awesome you got to go to Saturday's game--great day for all Oregon football teams!
Oo, I like those sleeves! Let me know how you like them, I have been considering getting some!

I am glad your first class went well. You are a smart cookie, you will get through it! The stats on recent grads IS sad. I am so glad I am not graduating now...

3 things I need: someone to grocery shop and make some chili for me, more sleep, and a massage! (ok, a massage is not a need, but it sure would be nice as i am running myself ragged between the work travel and running!)

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