The Burn

You know what feels good? Feelin' the burn!

I still remember in college leaving the gym feeling completely satisfied when I walked out with my cotton t-shirt (blech) soaked in sweat. But even more so, I learned to love the burn I occasionally get when I push myself just a bit more than average.

This week, I did a few fun things that had my muscles talking.
  • Monday - 5 mile group run, running last 3 miles with a faster friend and pushing the pace to keep up. This reminded me that I should try to do this more often. Run outside my comfort zone. 
  • Wednesday - Lifeforce Fitness - While I'm doing a lot of this kind of stuff at home, you always push harder when you have classmates and an instructor watching and pushing you.
  • Thursday - SPEED work - warm up, 4x (1000m at 5k pace, 200m mile pace), 2 min rest between sets, cool down. My legs felt like jello from the start so keeping them moving was a struggle. But I always love how I feel afterward. Thank you coaches!
 It's pretty crazy how amazing the body can get at adapting to what you throw at it. It's been a while since I've felt sore and it's nice to be reminded that there's always room for change and growth.

You know what else? Now that I'm not on an official training plan, I'm taking my "rest" day a bit more seriously. I always know I should take a rest day, I just typically don't.

Often, my rest days end up including 25 min of yoga, 30-60 min of cycling and maybe some abs. And sometimes I just ignore rest days and go full bore ahead doing a tempo workout, two a days, etc. Well, it's been nice reminding myself that I could do a whole lot of nothing and be just fine.

*Oh, and I actually understood most of the math equation stuff we did in Chemistry yesterday! While it's easy to get frustrated, these little wins turn my frown upside down. ;)

Fun this week: Private Practice, Grey's Anatomy and Criminal Minds (and all their drama) are back! Must. not. let. TV. distract. me. from school work (we got a cable converter box so we can watch the basic channels).

Sweatastic weekend: Looking forward to a yoga class and a few good runs. Loving that fall is in the air during my morning runs!

If you were going to pick ONE meal to eat for the rest of your life (with no consequences), what would you choose? I'd have to say either pizza, a cheese plate w/ crackers, grapes and apples or a black bean burger with sweet potato fries on the side.


Way to go no figuring out the equation! You are a smart cookie - just keep believing in yourself. And if the math ever gets too hard, you know you've got a great friend with a degree in math to help out if need be. ;)

One meal? I'd say my mom's thanksgiving meal! I LOVE turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes, topped off with her chocolate pie! It's divine!!
Tasha Malcolm said…
I got one of those converter things off of Amazon and it doesn't work very good at our house. I think we have too many trees in our yard so we get a bad signal. I have found that my laptop fits on the front of my spin bike so I can watch all of my favorite tv shows on hulu while working out. It's a win win!
Oh, that black-bean burger + sweet-potato fries is hard to beat. That's on the top of my favorites list, too. Add an IPA for good balance ;)

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