I Should Be More Nervous

At the beginning of the week I had this thought... Why am I not nervous for this thing?

After all, this is the longest taper I've ever done for a marathon distance and beyond. Typically I like a two week taper, but this one was nearly four weeks.

I get WAY more nervous for a marathon I'm 100% prepared for than this 31 miler I'll be tackling tomorrow. Ironic. I can't say the trail mentality doesn't hurt.

After a little contemplation, I have chalked up feeling cool as a cucumber to a few things.
  1. I've run this race before (granted the course was different because of the forest fire last year, but harder).
  2. I trained a lot this summer. Long hilly runs. Long solo road runs. Hot, sweaty runs. And one dang good nearly BQ marathon to get my legs and mind ready for this thing. 
  3. While my taper was longer than ever, there's nothing I could do about it. We went on vacation and I got sick right when I would have liked to be doing my last looong run. 
  4. I feel stronger than last year. My hamstrings aren't acting up as much as they were last year, which is a definite plus on the hills. I'm giving credit to all my weight lifting and crazy circuit work (which often includes lots of jumping - jump squats, burpees, star jumps, etc).
  5. Trail runners have more fun. I hate to say it because I consider myself both a roadie and a trail lover, but the trail runners just love being out there. With road runners... sometimes it just seems (and looks) painful and the anti-fun. I'm sure I've appeared to others as the anti-fun --> looking at you Vermont City Marathon @ mile 21. 
So, this is not to say I'm feeling 100% fabulous, but overall, I feel good. Even yesterday I was still sneezing so I'm not sure I've quite kicked the cold. But I know my mind is ready and my legs have some miles in them.

Here's to hoping I'm this happy the entire 50K of the McKenzie River Trail! Oh and some of my crazy friends are doing the 50 miler that starts at 5 am. No thank you!

Last year I finished in 6h 23 min and this year I'm hoping to be done around 5h 30 min. See you on the flip side. Anything fun on your weekend agenda?

P.S. Go, Kath, go!


Unknown said…
So excited for your race! I've also heard that about trail runners! SOme just LOVE it. I'm sure I usually look kind of miserable during marathons but...ahh well :) Look forward to your recap! --Ericka @ The Sweet Life (sweetlifeericka.com)
missris said…
Good luck! I'm sure you're going to rock it :)
Leigh said…
Good luck this weekend! Knowing you and your crazy running skills, you are going to kill it! :)
Redhead Running said…
Love this post! Have so much fun and have such a great race girl!!!
jen said…
Good luck Lauren!! You are in perfect shape for this mentally and physically. I'm so psyched for you to run the REAL course this year!! Have SO much fun out there.. Can't wait to read the report!!
Amber said…
I do think trail running is more laidback and "fun" than road racing. I am dying to do a trail ultra one day. Maybe next year!

Have a great race! I think how you're feeling is a really good sign :)
Luna said…
Good luck and have fun!!It sound like a very nice race!And I am sure you'll do great!
Take it as a good sign that you're not nervous! That means you're confident! You know what's out there, and you know how to tackle it.

Have so much fun - can't wait to see the pics!
Good luck this weekend! You will do great. I think there is less pressure when it comes to trail running, which helps lower your race anxiety. And I don't think people really have a gut feeling for what a 'good' time is for a trail race, like a 50k. I think just finishing is an accomplishment! I know marathons are unique, but trail races are especially unique so it's not like there is this absolute standard that can be applied to all races, like we apply to marathons...

Good luck out there! Keep smiling! You will do awesome!!
Jessica Jarrell said…
Good luck Lauren! Hope you do awesome!
Elizabeth said…
Hope the run went incredibly well and that you had fun!

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