Tuesday Tip

For a while now, I've been wondering why the heck I can't respond to certain readers who post a comment on my blog. And then Leigh informed me she couldn't respond to my comments.

Despite the fact that I enter my name, email and website every time I comment, the blogger receives a comment from a "no reply" email. Therefore, not being able to reply back to me unless they go searching for my email here on Sassy Molassy.

Alas, I finally did some research and found this helpful post from Jenniffier Kramer.

For those of you on blogger, this will be super helpful if you haven't done it already. Basically, the only thing I needed to do was "edit my profile" and check the box "show my email address." One small, but very important step. For those of you not on blogger (I don't blame you), your comments will continue to be no reply unless you sign in with your gmail account (if you have one).

So there you have it. Go check your blog profile and make sure it's updated so others can respond to your comments. Jennifer's issue was slightly different so you may want to check her post for reference.

In the past, when I've wanted to respond to someone's comment who was a "no reply," I have simply gone to their blog and posted it on their most recent blog post. A bit time intensive, but worth it.


Leigh said…
Glad you got it all figured out! :) I used to know how to do it before they changed every in blogger.
Glad you said that, because I usually don't reply to people when they have nocomment/noreply. I will try to comment on their blog, but I probably will not reply to their comment, which is sad!
Tasha Malcolm said…
That explains all of my frustration I had a couple of months ago. Wow, haha. I guess I should have done more research...that is what I signed up for the "intense debate" thing because I can see comments and responses, etc. Hmmm. Thanks for the tip. :-)
Yea! Glad you figured that out! :) I had to fix mine so people could respond to my comments years ago!

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