Sweat, Wine and Babies

So back to the never ending weekend (or so it seemed)...

Saturday started with more sweat! It was a BEAUTIFUL day. I know I keep saying that, but I guess I'm expecting them to go away so each time it's not rainy and the fall leaves are still out, I take notice.

I took the ole road bike and rode to hard core yoga where I was challenged. There's no much flow, but more rather a series of challenging poses or holding a pose for a bit. And then I rode back home for food and a shower.

Next up, I met the girls at the wineries for a little tasting. We even ventured to a vineyard that's rarely open, Iris Hill Winery, where the wine was tasty and the prices were right. I brought home two bottles of Pinot varieties.

Wine tasting is one of those things I could do regularly and not get tired of. So many good tastes, fun chatter and enjoyable bites. 

Sunday morning, I set off on an 8 miler along the river in Eugene. It was a beautiful crisp fall morning and the leaves are still hanging on some of the trees. It was a rare run where I brought my ipod and enjoyed my favorite country songs for an hour straight.

I want to keep my long runs going on the weekends because I'm signed up for the Hagg Lake 25K in February. I guess that means I also need to get myself out on some muddy trail in the next few months. NOT looking forward to that...

After the run and some foam rolling, the manfriend and I headed up to Portland for a little gathering of my high school friends and their spouses/babies/dogs.

Now that Jessica has a baby (Evelyn), gatherings are even more exciting - or just in a different way. Who doesn't like to stare at a baby and make funny faces and noises at it for hours on end?

It was great to see the gang and Evie now that she's more active and babbling.

The drive back to Eugene wasn't so hot with pouring rain and Thanksgiving traffic, but we managed.  I'm easily entertained by the manfriend's antics.

This weekend was busy for sure, but also had it's relaxing moments. It's baffling to me how many times I was reminded how THANKFUL I am of things over the weekend. When really, I should be actively thankful for these things all. the. time.

Did anyone else notice this? Any creative ideas for hanging stockings when you don't have a mantel or a stairway?

Tip of the week: Head straight to your local Trader Joe's. Do not pass go before purchasing Peppermint Joe Joe's, Peanut Butter Tracks ice cream (seriously addictive) and Cookie Butter. Then promptly join Kristin's 20 Day Workout Challenge.


Amber said…
I have NEVER been wine tasting even though we have many amazing wineries in the area! It's on my to-do list for sure though.

That baby is so cute. I'm glad you had such a wonderful weekend :)
Leigh said…
I wish I liked wine so I could go to wineries for tastings. Looks like a fabulous weekend though!
I have never been to a wine tasting either! I know I would love it though!

I love that 2 of you are wearing stripes. :) That makes me happy!

My Thanksgiving posts were good for me as they made me focus on what I am thankful for, and 10 days wasn't enough - the list goes on. I am trying to hold onto that thankful spirit as it really helps with my general attitude about life!
Lindsey said…
I love wine tasting too! We went to Sweet Cheeks this weekend. It looks like you guys had a fun weekend. Enjoy all those Trader Joe's goodies for me since I can't eat any of them!
Anonymous said…
cookie butter? is that like peanut butter but better? sounds dangerous...
Jessica said…
We made it again! Also, not from this post, but the lasagna you have from today's post looks really good!

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