EWEB Half Marathon Recap

Sunday morning, we fueled and then headed down to EWEB (Eugene Water and Electric Board) to get the manfriend signed up for the race and pick up my bib. 

Proceeds from the race go to help families who can't afford to pay their heating and electric bills. And the race is super cheap ($30) so it's a win-win!

It was a chilly morning so a lot of runners were staying warm inside before the race. 

Eventually, it was time to head out in the cold, get rid of our extra layers and do a little warm up jog. There's nothin' like 35 deg temps to keep you moving!

This is a fun race because so many of our running friends did the race so you get to chat with several familiar faces before and after. 

I didn't talk about it here, but my goal for this race was to run strong with no plans to PR. And that's exactly what I did. 

I took the first few miles getting comfortable with my pace 7:50-8:05 and then just kept it steady making sure I could hold the pace the entire race. The course follows the bike path along the river so it's fairly flat and fast. 

By mile 7, my legs (and hammys) were feeling tired and I was just feeling the speed. At a few water stops I would slow down to a 8:15ish pace and have a hard time cranking it back up to a ~7:50. It's weird how 7:50 and 8:15 felt like identical paces to my body at times. 

When I hit mile 9, I said "Okay, I can do ANYTHING for four miles." I continued to use that motto the rest of the race. The last few miles flew by and I was starting to pass a few people so that felt good. In the last few miles, I pushed it a bit harder into the finish line. 

I finished just a minute slower than my PR about a year and a half ago. My 9th half marathon is in the bucket. 1:43:35

Do you see that? The manfriend blew his 1:37 goal out of the water! 1:34:04!

The manfriend said he felt pretty steady the entire race. You'll be proud that he opted to drink a bit of water when he could choke it down at aid stations and he had a chocolate Hammer Gel for fuel.

After Sunday's performance, he thinks he can run a sub 1:30 in the future. And yes, there WILL be another half marathon for this guy.

Final Stats:

Overall time: 1:34: 04
Avg pace: 7:12
Div/tot: 13/33

Overall time: 1:43:35
Avg pace: 7:56
Div/tot: 8/48

P.S. My hamstrings hurt. I gave them today off and opted to do a little yoga this morning and an easy spin on the trainer after work.


Liz said…
Nice times - for you and the manfriend!
missris said…
Wow amazing times you guys!! Congratulations!
Leigh said…
Dang, you and manfriend are fast! :) Congratulations to the both of you though...and that's awesome that manfriend will be running another half. Looks like you might have influenced him ;)
Amber said…
You guys are SO SPEEDY! Holy moly!!!! Great job to both of you, I'm glad to hear manfriend hydrated ;)
Cynthia said…
Well done to you and the ManFriend!

I am absolutely in love with the shirt you wore for the run; who is it by?
Hey Cynthia - It's a Sporthill top. Local Eugene company, but also sold in REI and other sporting good stores.
J said…
Congrats to both of you! Awesome job! Hope your hamstring feels better after some rest!
Nice work! You are so fast, girl! As is the man friend! Well done to both of you. Love the pics!!
Lindsey said…
You guys both did so well! Congrats. That's great that the manfriend wants to do another half.
DUDE, nice work to the Manfriend! That's amazing. D & I just read this and were very impressed with his first half performance ;) He's definitely got a sub 1:30 in there, no doubt.

Congrats to you, too! That PR is definitely beatable for a race day not too far in the future :)

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