I Bet It's Not What You Think

I wanted to make something out of the ordinary this week for dinner. And when I saw this recipe in the Everyday Vegetarian section in the latest Cooking Light, I was up for the challenge. Can you guess what I made tonight? 

I'll give you some hints...

Sweet potato roasted with garlic cloves

Caramelized onion

Crimini mushrooms

Okay, I made sweet potato, caramelized onion, spinach and mushroom lasagna. Such a fun twist on plain ole lasagna!

Yep, it was as good as it looks. This recipe calls for much less cheese than a normal lasagna and the squash (I subbed in sweet potato) and onion probably helps give some of that savory flavor that the cheese usually provides.

The cheese shredded on the top was fontina and I think this was my first time ever eating it. It's officially my new favorite cheese. 

My subs/additions in this recipe were: a small layer of marinara on the bottom of the pan, 1 mozzarella string cheese stick and some goat cheese mozzarella used in the middle layers (recipe didn't call for any cheese in the middle), sliced mushroom and sweet potato instead of butternut squash.

Oh and I also omitted the milk mixture the recipe calls for on the bottom and the top. I'm not sure what it's effect would be, but it seemed time consuming for an unexpected result. 

It's rare that I actually take the opportunity to cook something out of one of my cookbooks or Cooking Light so it feels good to have actually checked one off my list. Tuesdays have often been one of my rest/cross train days of the week so I'm able to find more time in the evenings to do kitchen projects like this. 

Adapting summer fashion for fall
My outfit today involved adapting a summer skirt for the colder fall temps. You know how I feel about finding work appropriate clothes to wear when it's cold out.

I paired my army green LOFT skirt with tights, a long sleeve and a JCrew wool hoodie sweater. And you know there were Danskos involved. 

With all my layers I stayed plenty warm and felt comfortable today - success!

What's your go to cookbook or kitchen resource? I find myself baking or cooking recipes from blogs about 80% of the time and the other 20% is a mixture of cookbooks or online recipes from non blog sources. 

Humor me - has anyone bought some cute shoes/boots this fall? If so, share a link to the item in the comments. We could all use some drool worthy shoes.  

Fun fact: We still haven't turned on our heat. It was 58 deg. inside when I got home tonight. All the more reason to bake!


abbi said…
That recipe looks really good, I bookmarked it. Half the vegetarian recipes I try don't turn out that well and I end up resorting to the same things over and over!
Yum!! That looks amazing!! I am hosting my family the day after Thanksigiving and am going to serve lasagna, so maybe I will make a small pan of that to go with the traditional lasagna (I will need alot of food since i am serving like 15 people!). :)

I bought some cute red shoes last month but I am too lazy to find a link - I will have to take a pic and send it to you next time I wear them. I've already gotten lots of compliments so they were clearly a good purchase!!!
missris said…
That recipe looks amazing! I have been lusting after black riding boots like these: http://www.zappos.com/corso-como-richmond-coffee-calf
J said…
I am on the hunt for cute boots! i am going to DSW after work today to see if I can find anything! Great recipe -I have never made lasagna in my life!
Amber said…
I starred that recipe and I am going to try and find the time to make it tonight! Looks sooo good and I love making big meals like that that will last a couple days :)
Lindsey said…
I have been all about sweet potato and winter squash lately. The lasagna looks really good. I can't believe you guys haven't turned your heat on yet! Ours has definitely been on.
Ah that lasagna looks SO GOOD! Drooling over it on the train over here...we went to a Vegan Whole Foods dinner party thing one time in Denver and they made a similar lasagna (no noodles though, if I remember correctly), and it was amazing. Gotta bookmark this!

Love your Fall outfit :) I'm all about the skirt + tights look.
Mom said…
I wish someone would make this for me!
Emily said…
That lasagna looks so delicious. Great comfort food -- putting it on my list of things to try!

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