Thankful for Sure

It was a weekend to be thankful for sure. Isn't it crazy how two extra days off always feels like an eternity? 

Our Thanksgiving started off with a little trot. The manfriend joined me for four miles around the neighborhood - 1 mi warm up and then 3.1 miles a little harder for our mock Turkey Trot. 

My hamstrings and rear were really feeling the Wednesday night Lifeforce class and all the squats Jay made us do. Ouch! It hurt to run a 7:40 pace, but with the manfriend gliding easily next to me, it was all I could do to keep up. 

Vega Sport protein bar for fuel post run and pre ride.

We got home and quickly changed into cycling gear (because we're crazy and because no day of massive eating starts without some serious sweat) to ride a few miles and meet up with his cycling team before heading back home and off to Thanksgiving dinner!

4.1 miles run + 12 miles cycling = two happy campers

Then it was off to the Oregon coast to see my family and eat the delicious feast my grandma makes every year. No photos, but it was all delicious. 

Our Friday started early - we had debated staying up for the midnight shopping madness, but opted to sleep instead. By 7:30 am, we were at the mall. By 10 am we were recovering at Starbucks. 

My favorite deal was 50% off at LOFT. I'm never in the holiday shopping mode by Thanksgiving so the deals I tend to snag are ones for myself. :/

Marbled Pumpkin Cheesecake - recipe 

After a few hours of shopping, we needed some rest, pumpkin cheesecake baking and finally some exercise. We managed to head out for 4.5 miles on the trail. Loved every moment of it. 

Post run, we both agreed we wanted to go out for dinner, but my rule was that we had to order salads. And it worked. We both ordered big salads at Turtles and then headed to the 5th St Market for a little holiday entertainment and drinks. 

Date night look :

I don't even recognize this guy anymore. 

I think this is getting plenty long so I'll recap Saturday and Sunday next. I don't often recap my entire weekend or days in detail, but sometimes it's just fun to do. And I managed to snap a lot of photos over the last few days, so why not?

Mondays are often difficult, but after having four days off, it's just that much harder to catch up on the inbox and get into the swing of things again. I hope your day is going well and you're not stressing too much about the things on your to do list. They will either get done, or priorities will shift and they won't need to be tackled.

Breathe in...breathe out...(repeat)...

Did you snag any good deals this weekend? Get your sweat on? 


I did some shopping on Friday during my 'coffee break' that i gave myself. I normally do not take off for 30 minutes in the middle of the morning, but oh well! I got some silverware at Macys and a sweater at BR. So I, too, shopped for myself! But I did some cyber shopping today for my nephews so I've made some progress!

I did get my sweat on Thanksgiving morning when I ran my 10k!
Katie said…
We got good deals this weekend, but from my usual spot for good deals: Craigslist. ;)
Daisy said…
I got some seriously good shopping deals this weekend!! I agree, four days off feels like a small eternity. sounds like you made good use of them and had a lot of fun!!
I bought stuff from Believe I Am and, my fave place, Target. Somehow I didn't succumb to Madewell today...unusualy for me.
missris said…
Other than the Turkey Trot I ran on Thanksgiving morning, my break was pretty slothful. But I did get some deals at Ann Taylor and BR!
Love the Turkey Day sweat-fest :) You guys are too cute.

I'm not a cheesecake fan, but that looks GOOOD! I have a lot of pumpkin can stock to use up in the next few weeks...
Lindsey said…
I wonder if Loft still has the 50% deal. I might stop by there tomorrow.

That cheescake looks amazing!

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