Sweet Sweet Summertime

Yesterday we woke up early (I don't know if I'll ever sleep in again on a weekend, fyi.) to head to the Tri at the Grove, a local triathlon that several of our friends were racing and the manfriend was working at.
When we got there, the lake was absolutely beautiful. Next year, you can bet I'll be signing up for the sprint distance. The water in the lake was 70 degrees in the top 12 inches!

In addition to being breathtaking, the temps were warm and the race was well organized. It was fun to get to see the sprint and olympic distances coming in and out constantly from one sport to the next. Go Eric!

Lindsey even did the sprint triathlon in the midst of recovering from her stress fracture. And she decided to do it 9 days before the race! Impressive stuff.

Because I get jealous of seeing others sweat, I brought my running gear with me and ducked out to run a loop around the lake (8.5 miles) while most of the athletes were out on the bike course. The legs hurt a bit from Saturday's 20 miler, but not too bad.

I made it back in time to see my friend Dawnetta finish the Olympic distance!
Way to go Lindsey!
With the limited number of bloggers I'm aware of in Oregon, it's nice to have a sweat lovin' blogging friend nearby.

Sunday night after being out in the 80 degree temps all day (this is what Oregonians call hot), all we wanted for dinner was something cool. So we made our own version of Turtles' salad (a local bar and grill w/ deliciously huge salads)..
For dressing, I made a peanut sauce containing: Adam's chunky peanut butter, honey, brown sugar, rice vinegar, low sodium soy sauce, red pepper flakes and ginger all in the food processor. Yuuuum.

And for dessert/snackage, I present you Mama Pea's Another Kind of Bar (before adding chocolate)
You must make them - you won't regret it! This is fair warning that you may nibble on 10 chunks that fall into your mouth as you're cutting the bars.

Summertime, thanks for showing up!

P.S. Way to rock Lake Placid Ironman, Emily! I can't even imagine running a marathon AFTER swimming 2.4 miles AND biking 112. Holy unbelievable.


siri said…
That dressing sounds so good! Must make!
I am glad that summer has arrived! It's funny, 80 would be hot for me in the past, lately it feels mild. It was 88 last night when we did our workout and I thought - this isn't too bad. But normally that would be really hot. I guess after 110+ heat indexes, my perspective has adjusted. Granted, I was just as much of a hot mess after last night's run, so it was cleary still HOT.

Yum, that salad looks delish!! I made my own dressing last week, too - I made a balsamic vinaigrette. So good and so easy, makes me wonder why I ever buy salad dressing?
Leigh said…
That looks like a great triathlon to do! I wish the water was that warm for mine.

I think I might have to try that dressing recipe out...I love finding new salad and dressing ideas!
That looks like SO much fun! I am going to volunteer at/observe a trail race in September and I'm excited.

That salad dressing sounds amazing. I'm need to try it!
Lindsey said…
It was fun seeing you at the race! Thanks for cheering for me and taking photos :) I feel the same way... it's great to have a blogging friend nearby!
I'm glad you guys like the peanut sauce dressing so much. Perhaps I'll have to put the full recipe in a post sometime.
Emily said…
thanks lauren! i love that you ran while the race was going on. I would TOTALLY do that too!
Summer definitely arrived - how beautiful! :) I wish 80 was "hot" everywhere - that's the PERFECT temp.

Those Kind bars don't look too bad, either...

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