Sunday Fun Day in Bend

Hello and happy Sunday! This weekend the manfriend and I escaped to Bend, OR for a cyclocross crusade (basically a huge two day cyclocross event with about 1,000 or so racers).

I love it here because the air is dry, the sun is out and people are very outdoorsy with the mountains just a short drive away.

After a little spectating, I met up with my high school friend Jessica who recently had a baby. She and her husband and the new baby were in town for a getaway as well so it was perfect! 

We walked and talked for about 2.5 miles along the Deschutes River. The path is gorgeous and the company was even better. Forever friends are the best.

I even got Evie to smile for me a bit. Babies are adorable, especially this one.

Then it was time to head back to the races to watch the manfriend and others ride through the dust bowl.

Spectators, cyclists and everything within a 1/2 mile radius of the course seemed to be layered with the dust flying up from the course.

Zig zag through the grass...

Ride up and over the ramp...
 50 minutes later...done.
This guy and every other racer out there was in serious need of a shower. Dirt all over his face and lips, up his nose and in his teeth. Yummy!

Deschutes Brewery hosted a crazy fun Halloween party after the races Saturday night. So many creative costumes - mail order bride, the entire Wizard of Oz cast, Lewis and Clark, etc. It was by far the coolest Halloween party I've been to.

This morning I was set on getting in a run, despite the late night fun. Right out the door of our hotel is a path that leads to a great trail along the Deschutes River with beautiful views. I try to get on this trail whenever I'm in Bend.

Despite the 38 degree temps, the dry climate here made shorts, a tech t-shirt and a long sleeve just perfect for the run. I cranked out about 6 miles and then headed into the hotel gym for 15 minutes of strength. 

After taking full advantage of the complimentary breakfast here, I took a dip in the pool and hot tub and am just about to head down to the race again. Today's races will be chalk full of costumes, so it will be fun to watch. Enjoy the rest of your day!

Do you have any plans for Halloween? I still need to get some candy for the kiddos that will be stopping by our house tomorrow night!


Evie side part is killer cute!
Oh my gosh, Evie is adorable!! She's like the next gerber baby or something! Looks like you are having a blast! I need to hear more about this mail order bride costume - sounds genius!

I have no Halloween plans, really. I am not a big fan of the holiday, I think i told you that on our trip? I am going to drive over to my brother's house and see my 2 nephews in their costumes before they go trick or treating tomorrow night!
That looks like a great weekend away! Glad you guys had such a good time and you were able to see your friend!

We carved pumpkins but didn't dress up this year. I think next year we might host a Halloween party! I actually like Halloween because I think it's fun to dress up :)
Taylor said…
E is so stinking cute. I have a photo up in my office of her just so I can get my Evie fix whenever I need it! Looks like a great weekend in Bend! Glad you and Jess were able to meet up while there!
Jessica said…
WooHoo, Evie and I made it into your blog. I think this is the first time!
This makes me yearn for Boulder! Love the mountain back-drop, running trails and "outdoorsy" types. :)

That is one dirty man-friend, hah, and one REALLY CUTE baby.

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