The Box

Sometimes you battle yourself. You fight your instincts. You go against everything you post on twitter, you ignore you favorite Pinterest boards, you don't listen to your Pandora stations and you try to cram yourself into a little box.

Even though your head's not fitting into the box and your elbow is jamming out one of the corners, you press on determined that you have to be that person your nine year old self thought you'd be. After enough struggling, the box tips over and you fall out with a thump. Realizing you're unharmed, you stand up and brush yourself off.

In stepping out of that box, you take a deep breath of fresh air and realize that all that cramming and jamming doesn't do you much good when you've denied everything your heart is telling you.

So you write. And it flows. And then you think 'maybe I could do this for real? Maybe I shouldn't be afraid of these talents. Maybe sharing them is exactly the thing I need to stretch myself happy.'

What box do you need to bust loose from?


Amber said…
I like this post. Definitely makes you think.

I totally know what you mean. There is so much "expected" of us now-a-days in different aspects of our lives. Sometimes it's hard to break free of that and just do what WE want and what will make us happy.

Very well-written post lady!
I second Amber!

Recently, the box I need to get out of is the one that tells me those "goals" I set for this race may not be doable. They definitely are; I need to get ready for it to hurt, but only in a good way.

What box are YOU stepping out of? :)
A box that I fought my way out of was, "I have to stay in this condo until the value rebounds." I felt so trapped when I was living in the suburbs, but I thought it was just the way life had to be. Then I let myself imagine another solution to the problem, which ended up being pretty darn easy to put into motion! I think we have to think bigger and step outside the box sometimes. It's made all the difference in my life!
This is beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing, I needed it after a particularly rough week. Hope you're doing better!
Liz said…
I love this! Now if only I had the time (and the courage) to really step out of the box!

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