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Write about alternative treatments / regimens / medicine. What do you support? What is crazy?

I haven't used a lot of "alternative" treatments or medicines, but I do believe they can be worth it. A few of the things I've always wanted to try are: acupuncture, meditation, and maybe reiki (sounds a bit out there, but intriguing).

The things I have tried or use regularly are:

Source Naturals Wellness Formula - herbal defense pills for when I'm feeling a bit weak or like a cold is coming on. These wellness pills contain lots of good things said to boost your immunity, like: Vitamin C, Vitamin A, echinacea, zinc, garlic, ginger root, elderberry fruit extract, etc. Whether it's all mental or not, I feel like these help a bit and occasionally seem to help reroute an oncoming cold.

When I was younger, I would definitely default to Sudafed cold meds if I wasn't feeling well, but now it's more a matter of pumping in a healthy dose of vitamins, water and rest. And if all else fails, then perhaps some Advil to decrease pain.

Yoga - While this may not seem like "alternative" treatment, I often think of yoga as a very natural way to destress, detoxify (hello twisting triangle/warrior III) and focus inward.

Tea - Traditional Medicinals or Yogi Teas offer tea options for colds, a sore throat, detox, helping sleep deprivation, etc. On top of the special benefits of some of the herbs in these teas, most of us can benefit from being a little more hydrated.

Arnica - a topical cream or pellets for sore muscles/bruises. This was first recommended to me by a massage and physical therapist in college when I suffered a bad lacrosse injury two weeks before our regional championships. Rubbing arnica all around my knee, massaging and a good brace allowed me to heal enough to play a week later. I still use it for occasions when I get injured or feel a little more sore than just "oh that was a tough workout" sore. Arnica can be found at a natural foods store or in the natural/organic health and beauty section of many grocery stores. There is also a "pellet" version that comes in small blue tubes at my grocery store. I have used both versions. 

Massage - While I wish I would get massages more often, I think they are really important for those who hold stress in physically, but also for those doing strenuous exercise. For me, the opportunity to relax for an entire 60 minutes + the deep massaging of achy, tight muscles is worth every penny (when I do in fact plop down the Benjamins for one). I'm planning to treat myself to a massage in December once fall term is over... Merry Christmas to me!

What I really like about alternative medicine / regimens / treatment is that they often require you to make a more thoughtful decision about your own health over letting someone else make these decisions for you. Alternative regimens involves us asking what our body needs and wants and going from there. 

As always, before trying something new, do your research and make sure it's right for you before taking the plunge. And of course, check with a doc you trust. 

We had an early Thanksgiving brunch on Sunday at my grandparents'. Sabrina (my brother Kyle's wife) and I perused magazines dreaming of living in some gorgeously decorated homes and ginger molasses cookies.  About 10 minutes later I passed out on the floor in a little food coma.

Spreading the cheer in our bathroom via a few sparkly $.99 sprigs from the craft store...

Did I tell you that I'm already listening to Christmas music? So sue me. Love the Michael Buble Pandora station.

Cheers to a short work week! Does anyone else have a favorite alternative health regimen?


I will be breaking out the Christmas music on Friday. I am also pulling out my Christmas decorations so that I can decorate as soon as we get back into town. I.Love.Christmas!
I don't know if it's considered alternative, but I loved getting ART treatments from my chiro this summer. It really helped relieve any knee pain I had! Also, another 'natural' remedy I used a lot after my sinus infection was the nettipot!

I haven't listened to Christmas music yet, but I have been watching the Christmas movies that have been playing on the Hallmark Channel!!
I totally use massage and Traditional Medicines tea also, diet adjustments, cleanses/fasting on occasion, and the occasional hot/cold water treatment. With all the divorce emotions, a lot of my friends have suggested acupuncture to open the chi back up...and I'm about to start informational interviews with naturopaths to potentially try to pursue that route. I'm a HUGE believer in natural healer! BTW on my exploration day of NCNM, I saw that book I was telling you about: How Doctors Think is the title.
Yoga is definitely considered a weekly "treatment" in my mind, too! High stress levels can make us sick just as quickly as germs - if yoga keeps that in check, it is well worth my time, dollars and sore muscles. ;)

I've tried acupuncture once (demo at a health expo) and it wasn't really my thing. To be fair, they put the needles in our ears and it hurt! Probably not a good first impression.

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