My birthday in review

After those lovely little flight issues, I was safely delivered home by my brother, mom and manfriend. Although a day late, I declared it my birthday. Manfriend and I headed directly toward a fabulous local brunch spot for eggs benedict. He got the original, I went for the spicy version, "The Big Easy." Perfect way to fill your belly on your birthday!

Talks of a hike were discussed, but manfriend decided he'd much rather skip that and head straight for the winery. So I obliged. We've tasted and bought wine at Sweet Cheeks before, so I declared we were in for a bottle of their Pinot Fusion. I'm a Pinot Noir fan and this is usually a great choice, but today I wasn't as impressed. Next time, it's back to the Rose.

After a few hours of hanging out, enjoying the wine and the live music, we headed home. Manfriend headed straight for the couch and some football, while I got dressed and took the dog for a run. No way could I head to dinner without working up a sweat first! After a nice 30 min run, I hopped in the shower and got ready for dinner.

We went to a nice Italian restaurant, Ambrosia, where I selected the crab stuffed mushrooms for our appetizer and the pear & walnut salad for dinner, and of course another glass of red. Manfriend chose the spaghetti. By the end, our tummies were full and that tiramisu I so badly wanted to order did not happen. It was the perfect way to relax and enjoy a little celebration before the work week began.

I've said it in years past, but 27 really does sound older than 26. It's like an actual adult age...almost. ;)


Awww that sounds like a perfect birthday. I like low-key birthdays like that :)
Sounds like a wonderful birthday! I have never been to a winery - some day I'll get to one!

I'm glad you had a great day since you had a pretty horrid day getting back to Oregon!
ha - close enough (to an "adult" age)! ;) Brunch and *then* wine tasting sounds like a good celebration to me! You guys know how to keep it chill but still have fun little adventures :)

(p.s. hi, manfriend! he appears, again!)

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