Feel like you're entering holiday survival mode?

Hey-o! Are you surviving the holidays? So far, more so than past years, I feel like this season isn't riddled with weight gaining opportunities. Maybe that's because Thanksgiving is still a week away.

But even so, I have a plan. In addition to the 1/2 marathon I'm running this weekend, I'll also be racing the local Turkey Stuffer 5k on Turkey Day morning. Anyone else racing before your feast? It's always a fun way to start my morning with a bunch of enthused runners and friends before heading off to see the family.

And on top of that, I feel like I'm already ahead of the game by fitting in workouts these past few weeks even when I have just barely 45 minutes to spare. Tuesday night for example, I had a girl's night to get to, but a long day chalked full of meetings required a little gym time. So, I busted it to the gym, hopped on a treadmill and enjoyed 35 min of sweat inducing fun before showering and heading off for my night of soup, salad, bread, cheese, chocolate fondue and wine.

And, instead of only sometimes fitting in time for yoga in the mornings, I've been making it a regular habit. I like the RW article I linked above because it talks about spending more time working on your strength and stretching during those winter months when you can't get outside as much for runs. It's true, even on my most hectic days when I can't get much of a real workout in later in the day, I feel okay because I've already completed 30 min of walk/run and yoga in the morning.

I'm not gonna lie, it's not all perfect. I probably had 10 too many pieces of cheese the other night and more than my fair share of fondue goodness. I definitely tend to overindulge when too many goodies are within arms reach, but it's all about balance. I've definitely moved on from the days when I left thanksgiving feeling utterly stuffed. And because I know my grandma will have the works prepared for us on Thanksgiving, I generally avoid alcohol and save the calories for the turkey, mashed potatoes and berry cobbler.

Do you have any strategies you enlist when trying to stay on track during the holidays?


During the holidays I tell myself that I just want to MAINTAIN my weight (not lose) since I've still been trying to get rid of those last 10 pounds and I also tell myself I'm OK with a 3-5 pound weight gain.

That being said, I also try to eat as normally as possible and NOT overindulge every day. On the ACTUAL holiday though (Thanksgiving and Christmas Day) I stuff my face and don't feel bad about it :)

I like that article, thanks for the link!
Kerry said…
I have an incredibly hard time over the holidays largely because many of the places I go only supply refined carbs, cheese, cookies, and an enormous hunk of meat. It's not so much a weight thing, but more of a mood thing for me. There's nothing like a drink and a bunch of sugar to put me on the holiday of hell roller coaster. This year I'm planning on contributing a nice veggie plate along with a hummus and whole grain (perhaps pita?) plate. It can set a good example and it means I have at least a few options to choose in the effort to keep from becoming a less appealing version of myself.
Sassy Molassy said…
Amber-Yes, I'm all about maintaining. For me, it's not a time to go psycho on the weight loss goal because I want to be able to live life too and enjoy those special days!

Kerry-Yes, I love bringing the healthy options to gatherings. That way you know that you'll at least have one good option to choose from even if everything else is over the top (or gross looking). I find that some of my family members love to bring marshmellowy/jello type food items that don't sound/look appetizing to me. It's nice to have a salad option that actually looks like a salad.
My goal is also to maintain during the holidays. I think I have finally got to a place where I don't think, 'am I going to work out tonight?' it's 'what am I going to do at the gym tonight'. So that really helps.

I am doing a 10k on Thanksgiving morning! This will be my first time doing a race and I am really looking forward to it!
Anonymous said…
I wish I had a race to enter on Turkey day!! there are TONS around DC (of course) - but I'll be in kansas with the extended fam. Ugh. I Will be packing my running shoes though - that's my strategy :) Plus there are always tons of kids to play with - that's a workout in itself, whew.

Good luck on the half this weekend!!!

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