an easy four

My schedule for last night was an easy four miles. So, I headed out in the darkness running comfortably, forcing myself not to push it. What I remembered was how hard the easiest runs can be. At every moment I wanted to take it up a notch and do some 8 min/mile work, but I stuck to the plan.

I met up with the running group for my final mile and then a little walking before heading off to dinner and beers with the gang. Today I've managed to do 20 min of yoga, which consists of my entire workout for the day. But I know that fresh legs mean a strong race tomorrow so I'm crossing my fingers here and sticking with the plan.

Thank goodness taper week is almost over! It nearly drives me insane every single time. My friend J is coming tonight for the race! I've already done lots of cleaning and laundry. Now a few errands, lunch, coffee/book, and who knows what else. It's a perfect rainy day to spend inside. Happy weekend!


Good luck tomorrow lady! You will rock it!
Good luck tomorrow! Looking forward to the race recap!
Anonymous said…
it's annoying when the *Easy* runs are So hard to stick to...but it'll be worth it tomorrow! :) Good luck tomorrow, Sass!!
Teresa said…
GOOD LUCK! I know you and Jessica will rock it like you always do. I wish I were there cheering you on - I love watching you race. You are amazing and I love you forever!!!


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