One foot in front of the other

Yesterday was National Running Day, so naturally, I had to run. I got up early and took the manfriend's dog for a 15 min jog. Then after a lot of meetings and last minute preparations for an event I'm putting on today, I headed to the Nike store to meet up for a group run. And let me tell you, this was one of my worst runs ever(excluding the last three miles of every marathon). Yes, it was THAT bad.

Monday didn't feel too bad. Yesterday, felt awful. After about two steady miles, I had to stop to double knot the shoes and walk for a bit. The stomach hurt, the knee was throbbing and my lungs were pretty spent. From there on out, the remaining 30 minutes required the mantra of "just keep going for one more minute and then you can stop" and "holy crap, I hope I don't throw up." I continued to run 4-8 minutes at a time and then walk for a minute in between until I finished.

The point is, sometimes this running thing sucks. You don't always have good days, especially when you're getting back into the swing of things. You have to take deep breaths and accept what your body is offering you. Putting one foot in front of the other will eventually get you there. And in the end you'll be better for it. Last night, finishing those five miles never felt so good (or bad, depending on how you look at it).


I hear you! I have been running consistently lately, and my runs had been going pretty well. And then yesterday's run SUCKED!! I ran in a different area & did my run at 5 am v. 5 pm - not sure if my body was just punishing me for getting up earlier than usual? ;)

This will sound weird, but it's nice to know that other runners have their struggles too & it's not just me! Especially speedy runners, like you!
Amber said…
I did not run yesterday. Boo. Haha, but I've SOOO had runs like that! I used to beat myself up for walking during a run but now I'm just like whatever, I do what my body tells me to because that's the best way to enjoy it and to make sure you don't get hurt!
Heather C said…
I've reached that low point during almost every outdoor run I've gone on in the last few weeks. I just push past it and after a few minutes I'm feeling a little better - but still pretty tired! You were gallivanting in Europe for 3 weeks!!! I'd be exhuasted too girl! :) high five for gettin in those 5, even if it was hard!

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