The Third Trimester (eeks!)

Week 28 marks the third trimester of pregnancy. It's crazy to already be at this last stage. I feel as though I barely got the hang of this whole pregnancy thing and now we're thinking about the little human that will be entering the world in the next 10 weeks or so. 

How I'm feeling: I had one pretty rough day where I felt so exhausted, had a hard time breathing, and just felt off. Unfortunately, this was also a day that I had volunteered to work at the Itty Bitty Boutique, a second hand baby/kids sale in town. I took it as easy as I could, but was still on my feet hanging and organizing baby clothes for 4+ hours.

After dinner, it's quite the show to watch my belly move as the baby kicks and changes position. Baby Moe is sure growing in length because it seems he/she is trying to take advantage of any and all space. So far, we think he/she likes the sound of the manfriend's voice as well as some of our music preferences.

Sleep is so so. I have been having random dreams almost nightly for the last few weeks. I've also been waking up way too early and am unable to fall back asleep. Often, I start running through the list of things we still need to get/do before Baby Moe arrives, which doesn't help.

Baby: is the size of an eggplant (~13.6 to 14.8 inches, 1.5 to 2.5 pounds) and STILL the same size and weight range as the last three weeks. The baby's lungs are now mature enough that she/he could likely survive if born.

Weight gained:  17 lbs

In the past few weeks, my belly really exploded into something you just can't seem to miss. Strangers are definitely opening doors for me more frequently and smiling just because. I even got asked if I needed help out with my one bag of groceries this week.

Sorry for the poor photo quality. What I thought was going to be great lighting (sunny day outside) turned out not to be so fabulous (with or without a flash).

Exercise: Two ~4 mile run/walks (half run, half walk), strength training, walks, hiking, and yoga at home. This week I tried a few yogaglo prenatal classes, which were a bit slower paced and without vinyasas, but probably just what I need. As far as strength training, I'm enjoying mixing it up with a variety of Tone it Up workouts. This week I did this full body toning routine and this light HIIT workout.

Full push ups are out at this point. I can release all the way down on my toes, but I can't push back up.

What I'm wearing: I went to Motherhood Maternity this week and bought two t-shirts as our weather doesn't seem to be turning and I needed a few more tees that fit. Baring the belly is likely not what the rest of Eugene wants to see. ;)

Baby preparations: Bought a few things for baby at the Itty Bitty Boutique, including a few sleepers, an Ergo infant insert, a sound machine, and a Kelty hiking backpack/carrier that had been used once!

Random thoughts: With just a few months to go, my brain has shifted from thinking about a baby in general to wondering who this little person inside me is going to be in the world? Is it a boy or a girl? Will it be easy or fussy from the get go? Will it be tall or short?

What was your best workout of the last week? Did you do anything fun for St. Patty's Day? 

I bought the manfriend some Guinness and dreamt about sipping a frothy beer of my own... soon enough!

I'm done with finals now, so I'm looking forward to a week or so off! Spring term should be interesting as I have a few things brewing between school (if the instructor doesn't mind altering the schedule for me a bit), work, this blog, and baby prep.

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My guess is that you are going to have a boy and he is going to be LOOONNG like his daddy! You look so cute! I can't believe you are in the final stretch. It seems like it's gone by so fast as it doesn't seem like that long ago that you announced you were expecting!

My best workout last week was probably a hill workout that I did with run club. My pace was great and I didn't feel as fatigued. There were no St. Patty's Day celebrations for us. It ended up being a pretty crappy day for me as I went to a friend's dad's funeral in the morning and then I took the rest of the day off to spend with my dad at the hospital. He got an infection in his ankle surgery incision and the Dr. wanted him on IV antibiotics. My mom had to be at work so I spent the day with him so I could help out. He is doing much better but I was kind of emotionally wiped by the end of the day yesterday.
Leigh said…
Getting closer! Your belly is so cute :)
missris said…
Look at how cute you are! All belly ;)
Amber said…
I have a feeling you're going to have a boy as well! You're looking so great. That doesn't sound fun about the tiredness and shortness of breath though. Hope it doesn't happen again! My best workout so far this week has been yoga last night. With all the gym-going / strength training I've been doing I've been majorly lacking in the yoga department and last night was exactly what my body (and mind) needed!
Your belly is so cute! You really have popped! I think it's a girl, since your belly seems to be mostly in the front (although I can't really see it from the angle in the photo).

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