The Second Trimester: Week 27

I'm currently in week 28 of the pregnancy and almost at 29. I swear the past seven months have just flown by. I go in for my glucose test tomorrow, so here's to hoping I pass! 

How I'm feeling: This week, I was SO tired. I'm guessing the baby is growing a lot right now, which is why I was so exhausted. Sleeping has become a little more challenging and getting up to pee or when I wake up is interesting because I can't really use my core much so I have to rely on heaving myself up with both arms.

The baby was also moving a ton, which is both entertaining and distracting. If I wake up early in the morning (3 or 4 a.m.), often times he or she is having a little party inside my belly.

Oh heartburn, how I despise you. Papaya extract is becoming my friend most evenings as it seems to fix the issue almost immediately.

Baby: is the size of a rutabaga (~13.6 to 14.8 inches, 1.5 to 2.5 pounds) and still the same size and weight range as the last two weeks. I have to say, of all vegetables or fruits so far, this is one that is most foreign to me. I've never to my knowledge eaten rutabaga! At this point, the baby is starting to practice inhaling and exhaling and is showing brain activity.

Weight gained:  16 lbs

I was a bad blogger this week and didn't really take any full profile photos of the bump. Next week, promise!

We had gorgeous weather, so I took advantage of the 60 degree temps as much as possible.

Bump in action on Pre's Trail

While shoe shopping for the manfriend, I came across the kids Vans. Boy or girl, I will definitely be getting a pair of Vans or Toms when the time comes. Why is everything mini so much cuter?

Exercise: Two runs, two yoga classes, weights, and plenty of walking or hiking happened this week. Doing vinyasas during yoga are definitely challenging with an extra 16+ lbs. On the up side, that means my arms are staying very strong. And of course, I'm dropping to my knees on these as needed.

What I'm wearing: The idea of dressing up seems pretty comical these days, especially since I have almost no reason to. Every time I consider trying to put together a skirt and top outfit or attempting a dress, I just think "why bother?" It just seems too hard and awkward. Jeans, a tank and a cardigan with flats are about as dressy as it gets around here. Speaking of dressing up, I need to find something to wear to my baby shower.

Baby preparations: I signed us up for a birth class for April and switched over to the midwifery clinic in town. Starting to think A LOT more about the actual birth. Trying not to panic, but it's pretty scary being this close and feeling like you don't have a birth plan or real grasp on how it will go. I'd like to go unmedicated for as long as possible, but I'm not completely against an epidural if I feel like it's necessary.

Eating/Cravings: I have definitely noticed a need for increased calories as I've gotten bigger. This usually means a little bigger breakfast or an extra snack or two here and there. And occasionally, I need a small cup of cereal or something right before bed.

These days, I'm not sure it's cravings per say, but my sweet tooth is kicking in and I definitely want dessert or pastries regularly. This usually results in me making a healthier version of a dessert I like (i.e. cookies or muffins), but sometimes I snag a pastry with my coffee between classes.

Random thought of the week: What IS pregnancy glow? I don't know, but I'm pretty positive I don't have it. I just feel like a large pregnant person who can't hide her belly from the world. No glowing about it. ;)

What are you looking forward to this weekend?

Besides studying (finals are next week), I am looking forward to doing some things around the house and having dinner with friends.

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Lindsey said…
I can relate to everything in this post! It's definitely hard to and uncomfortable to get up at night and also to roll over. I woke up at 4am this morning to lots of kicks. I ended up just staying awake since I had to teach an early class. It's hard to go back to sleep when I want to feel the baby move!

I never dress up either. And I'm pretty sure I have outgrown my maternity jeans so I might try to get by for the remainder of time with just yoga pants...

I have no idea what pregnancy glow is either. Just feeling huge!
Leigh said…
You are a cute pregnant lady! I know the feeling of being big, but you look great! Reading your posts make me miss being pregnant! I think not knowing what to expect or was going to happen in terms of the birth was the hardest part for me. I think it's great that you are open to options as it doesn't always go as planned. And I know it's hard not to be nervous, but you will be fine when your time comes to give birth! It's amazing how your body and yourself just handle it
Aw, those little shoes are so cute!

Have you registered anywhere yet for your shower? I have heard that can be a little bit overwhelming so it will be good to have that done if you haven't already done it...

I am looking forward to a quieter, less scheduled weekend. Last weekend was filled with fun get together but it was a little bit too much. We don't have much planned this weekend besides a birthday dinner on Friday night and lunch with Phil's mom on Saturday. Oh and my run club is doing a 25% off shopping day at a local store so I am excited about the run + scoring some shoes afterwards!
Rutabagas come in a lot of different sizes! I wonder what size your rutabaga is? My uncle grows them and we have them at Thanksgiving just like mashed potatoes, mashed up with lots of butter!

I am looking forward to getting some of my To Do list crossed off this weekend. There are a lot of things I have been putting off lately!
Amber said…
Your belly is really going! Those mini shoes are sooo cute!

I obviously shouldn't have an opinion of this having not given birth or being pregnant BUT I personally think it's a good plan to not have TOO much of a plan around birth. Especially your first one. I know so many people who went in with all these 'plans' and expectations and it didn't work out for them and then they ended up being really disappointed. You just don't know what your body is going to do because you've never done it before! And maybe drugs and surgeries aren't 'natural' but 100 years ago more babies and mothers died during birth too. I think that a healthy happy baby is the most important thing, even if it means taking drugs or having a c-section! Gee I'm kind of opinionated for someone whose never even gone through it, aren't I? Watch my opinion completely change down the road ;)
"Every time I consider trying to put together a skirt and top outfit or attempting a dress, I just think "why bother?"" YES YES YES to this for pretty much the entire year after giving birth, too. I'm sure you'll jump back into looking super cute a lot sooner than I did.
Jessica Jarrell said…
My husband's cousin's wife just had a baby about 2 weeks ago, and she 100% glowed.The whole time! She was also one of those people who never looked pregnant though. I'm pretty sure I would not glow and I would most definitely look pregnant :)
Anonymous said…
You're so cute. I'm SURE you're glowing. If just on Mondays or Fridays or something. I'm getting excited for you. It's so good that you're documenting all of the little changes, because you'll soon forget what happened when. It'll be fun to look back. Kisses, Siri Mom

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