The Second Trimester: Week 25

Happy Thursday! I hope your week is going well. Here's a look back on week 25.

How I'm feeling: This week I started feeling more connected to the little nugget growing inside me. It might sound a little odd, but as the baby is kicking more and more, especially when I'm in class or driving to Corvallis, I feel like he or she is trying to communicate a bit with me.

At this point, I could really use a shoe tying assistant! The belly is making crouching down difficult, so I often do this awkward lunge to tie my shoe.

Baby: is the size of a head of cauliflower (~13.6 to 14.8 inches, 1.5 to 2.5 pounds). We're talking pounds now not ounces!

Weight gained:  15 lbs

Exercise: Hiking, yoga, running and weight lifting. I'm done with burpees, but still able to do things like jump squats. I have to be careful of not overdoing it as my low back gets tender if I'm doing too much intensity in one day (i.e. a hike and a run).

What I'm wearing: I like my new straight leg LOFT jeans that are a little more casual and cute when I peg-leg them and pair them with these slip on Converse. Also, all my regular t-shirts are nearly too short at this point. I look like I'm trying to wear children's clothing or something, so it's likely that most tops will be maternity from here on out.

Baby preparations: I spent several hours cleaning out and organizing our spare bedroom closet and our attic, which felt so good. The manfriend and I went to the local midwifery center for an orientation to see what we thought. I am leaning toward switching to the midwives for my birth, but it's a hard decision.

We also went to Portland and bought a car seat and a dresser for Baby Moe, and we have also decided on a jogging stroller. Lots of preparation going on this week!

Snack of the week
I wanted to whip up something sweet and semi healthy last night to have around for snacks. I had some shredded zucchini in the freezer, so I whipped up this recipe with the addition of 1 large shredded carrot and 1/3 cup dark chocolate chips.

It actually turned out really well and was enough for two loaves. Yum! After letting them cool (and enjoying a few pieces), I sliced the loaves and separated them into single servings putting some in the freezer for later. 


Jessica Jarrell said…
Your zucchini bread looks yummy, I'm now craving quick bread :)
Yum! That zucchini bread looks so good!

You are so cute! I think that you are about as far along as Leigh was when we were in San Fransisco - seems like you guys are showing about the same amount.
Leigh said…
Love your belly! I felt the same as you- it's hard to connect with your baby until they really start moving around and kicking you in the ribs :) What car seat and stroller did you get?
I love your shoes! Those don't need to be tied anyway, right?

Your belly is super cute... It seems like things are moving so fast. I am sure you are feeling that. How far along are you with nursery prep etc?
Amber said…
You look so cute!! Glad to hear that all the movement is still feeling good. My coworker has a midwife and raves about her!

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