The Second Trimester: Week 22

It's crazy to me that we're on the downhill slope now {and there's still so much to do}!

How I'm feeling: The pelvis and ligaments attaching to the pelvis were pretty sore this week, especially after runs. My friend Jess sent me her belly bands to try out, which I hope will help as I continue to grow, but haven't proved to be a miracle cure just yet.

The bump is finally looking "round," which is exciting. Strangers are starting to smile at me knowingly or look as though they're trying to determine if I am indeed pregnant.

The skin near my belly button is clearly starting to stretch as it is often itchy and my belly button is starting to flatten out. Who knows how long it will take to pop out?!

Baby: is the size of a papaya (~10.5 to 11.8 inches and 12.7 to 20.8 ounces)

The manfriend felt the baby kick this week and then a few days later, we even saw a kick one evening as we were laying in bed staring at my belly! Seeing and feeling it is just a reminder of what a crazy miracle the whole process is.

Weight gained: 13 lbs

Exercise: The highlight of this week was our hike up Spencer's Butte on a sunny Saturday. I usually venture out on my own for workouts or hikes, so it was fun to have the manfriend there and soak up the sun from the top.

A few short run/walks (2-3 miles each), yoga and a few weight lifting sessions were also fit in this week. Accepting where I'm at is the name of the game right now with running and yoga. I went to a challenging lunchtime flow that reminded me I need to go at my own pace and possibly avoid the harder classes.

What I'm wearing: Much of the same as far as regular clothes go. My yoga gear and sports bras are starting to feel just too tight. It's probably time to break down and get a few larger pieces. But man, the $$ you spend on pregnancy things between new bras, prenatal vitamins, new sports bras, etc. really adds up!

Baby preparations: We moved our guest bed out of the spare bedroom/baby's room so the room is mostly empty and ready for baby stuff. I also picked up a few books at the library, including a few baby name books and the Yoga Birth Method.

How is your week going? 

I just finished my Nutrition Through the Lifestyle midterm, which I felt pretty good about!

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Aw, you look so cute! It really looks like you have popped in the last week. Your baby bump is so cute! That's exciting that the Manfriend got to feel the baby kick, too!

This week was sort of all over the place for me. It started off good as I got my review and it went much better than I thought it would (which goes to show that my perception of things are reality are out of sync) but then I had a bad day at work yesterday so after the high of my review, I'm back to feeling meh about things at work... but today is Friday. Woo hoo. :) Hope you have a good weekend!
Amber said…
You look so so cute with that bump! Glad baby is growing big and strong. My friend that's pregnant (seriously I think I could win an award for how many pregnant friends I have right now haha!) has been dealing with some major pelvic soreness after her longer runs too. She is about 18 or 19 weeks along I think.
Elizabeth said…
A) You look adorable! And those legs--you're a totally cute lil pregnant mama :)
B) Great job with keeping with the work-outs but also listening to the bod!
C) That hike weather looked great!

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