The Second Trimester: Week 20

I'm catching up! Last week was week 20. I'm currently 21 weeks along. Below I also decided to recap my week in workouts since I haven't done that recently and things have changed a bit. 

How I'm feeling: Running seemed to go from being doable to HARD this week with a flip of a switch. All of a sudden I need to run slower and require walk breaks on the regular. With higher impact activities my pelvis definitely feels the extra weight and pressure, making things a little painful. 

In addition, heartburn came back with a vengeance this week! I had experienced a little bit of it early on, but nothing like this. Even three hours after a meal I will get serious heartburn whether I'm standing, sitting or laying down. 

Baby is: the size of a banana (~6.5 inches long and 10.2 ounces)

Weight gained: 11 lbs

What I'm wearing: maternity jeans with loose sweaters and sweatshirts. It's that awkward stage where the stomach is getting bigger, but strangers aren't likely to tell whether or not I'm pregnant, so it just seems easiest to wear baggier clothing. Also, fitted things are starting to feel much less comfortable. 

Exercise: As you can see above, I tried Body Pump for the first time this week at the University gym. I had heard other bloggers rave about it, but had never tried it since I haven't been a gym goer for years. 

My first thoughts on it were: I know I'm stronger and could lift more weight on some tracks, but when you do something like a squat or chest press for 50+ reps in a row, it get tough! The teacher was really nice and her instructions were easy to follow.

I would say that having prior weight lifting experience is helpful as we did clean and presses and deadlifts that could be dangerous if you done incorrectly. Additionally, I was surprised that my heart rate really didn't increase much over the 45 min. class. 

I also went a longish run with my friend Laurel running ~6.5 miles in the fog and requiring one walk break, but after that it seemed like I needed walk breaks every few minutes on my runs. Yoga and spinning were also mixed in this week.

Baby preparations: called the hospital to inquire about tours and birth classes.

Week in Workouts
I haven't done one of these in a while, so I thought it would be fun to throw it in as my workout routine is starting to change.

Monday - 12 min HIIT workout (a.m.), 45 min power flow class (lunch), 25 min spin on the trainer (p.m.)

Tuesday - Body Pump + 2 mile run/walk intervals on the treadmill

Wednesday - 3 mile run before dawn - the best!

Thursday - 4 mile run (w/ walk breaks) near campus + 20 min of upper body strength + core work

Friday - rest day 

Saturday - 5 miles of walking the dog around Sunriver + 25 min Yoga Journal flow

Sunday - ~ 2 miles snowshoeing 

Have you tried any new workouts recently?

Heads up: The Fitnessista's winter shape-up starts next week! You can bet I'll be doing some of the workouts, even if I have to modify here and there. They are sure to kick your booty!

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Megkathleen said…
I loved loved loved body pump when I was able to make it to the class on time. Now work has interfered and I just run. But I wish I could go back. I'm very impressed with your maintaining your fitness through your pregnancy. I got so dejected when the walk breaks started taking over my runs. But I should have kept it up because recovery would have been so much easier. Congrats by the way!
Amber said…
Awesome job on all the workouts!! You are really rocking working out during pregnancy. You are a smaller build like my coworker and she could have hid her pregnancy right up to week 25 probably. It helps that it's the season for baggier clothes. Now that she's almost 28 weeks she's really popped!

I do Group RX once a week at lunch (pretty much exactly like Bodypump, the Y's up here just didn't want to pay the crazy price for a Les Mills license!) and I love it. I actually like that it doesn't send my heart rate through the roof and make me super sweaty but I'm still getting an awesome full body workout. I've worn my heart rate monitor a couple of times and usually I burn in the 300 calorie range for the 1 hour class.
Leigh said…
Such a cute belly! Way to go on all of the workouts! Even though I stopped running and working out as hard as I did before I was pregnant, I was surprised how quickly my stomach has gone down. The body is amazing!
I am impressed with all of the workouts that you fit into each week! Way to go!

When I had a Y membership I loved going to bodypump. It was a great way to work all of the different muscle groups. But it is SO many reps!

I've been having some weird foot/leg pain this week so my workouts have been really lame. I am starting to wonder if it's a pinched nerve or what as it's odd that I feel the pain all the way up in my hamstring area. Weird. I'm doing a New Years Shred program but haven't been able to do many of the workouts but I guess I will just save them for future weeks.

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