The Second Trimester: Week 21

It's kind of crazy to think that the east coast is getting hit by a blizzard while we out here on the west coast are enjoying a few sunny, 60 degree days. In fact, I studied for a few hours outside in a t-shirt today and it was glorious. Granted, I can't help but wish we could just experience a good snow storm now and then (but that's easy to say when you never have them). 

I'm currently 22 weeks along and it officially feels like there is a serious deadline looming. Hello, 18 weeks is equivalent to a marathon training plan!

How I'm feeling: Overall, pretty good. Heartburn and a little sciatica joint pain have been a little less than ideal. I also had a little dizziness at school this week, which was a bit freaky, but apparently not abnormal for pregnancy. 

Baby: is the size of a pomegranate (~10.5 inches long and 12.7 ounces) 

Baby Moe is going to be nice and flexible with some strong runner legs if this image can tell us anything!

Weight gained: 12 lbs

Yep, there's a real bump there. No denying it. 

What I'm wearing: These long, comfy maternity tanks under everything and rotating through my one pair of H&M maternity jeans, regular Hudson jeans that have some kind of miracle stretch in them, and black Gap maternity ponte pants. 

Exercise: I'll admit that this week I got a little depressed about my running situation. I was fully prepared to embrace changes with my body and fitness routine as they came, but needing to walk every few minutes got frustrating at times. Even so, I still managed to do a few 2-3 mile "wogs" (walk/jogs) and a variety of cross training, including snowshoeing!

Even though I'm not training for anything serious, I still log all my workouts via dailymile. It's just nice to have it all in one place and makes my type A self very happy.

Baby preparations: I scheduled our birth class through the hospital for March! I also called to see how much it will cost to add the baby on to my health insurance.

And this week we had our big ultrasound where they take a look at everything to make sure the baby is doing well, including taking measurements, looking at all four chambers of the heart, making sure blood is flowing well through the umbilical cord, etc. Because we want to wait to find out the sex at birth, we had to look away for what seemed about half of the ultrasound. But Baby Moe is looking perfect, so that was a definite relief.

Okay, I promise to post something non pregnancy related later this week. School as usual is just keeping me busy, so I'll try to come up with something fun. 

What's one thing you're looking forward to this week? 

We just got new sheets and I am already dreaming of slipping into them. #adulthood

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Leigh said…
So glad to hear the ultrasound went well! That one is fun because the baby actually looks like a baby and not just a blob like in the 12 week one
I am wishing we were getting a snowstorm, too. We have barely had any snow this year which bums me out as I was hoping to get lots of use out of my new XC skis and so far I've only been out once. :( I love a good snow storm so hopefully we'll get one soon!

That is great that the ultrasound went well! I hope the heart burn and sciatica pain subside. And the dizziness sounds scary - hope that goes away too!

One thing I am looking forward to this week is doing this event called the Luminary Loppet. It's an evening cross country/snow shoeing event across a lake and into an area called Uptown. I'm doing it with 2 other friends. I wish we had more snow but I guess they are going to have to just make some!
Amber said…
You have the cutest little belly!! Don't worry too much about the exercise, I think you should just do what feels right right now. You will have lots of time to get your fitness and body back after baby!
Danielle said…
Love the bump, LP (LM). Enjoy the slow down. We'll get some great snow time in this weekend.
Sooo cute! :) It took me a second to identify the "baby" in the picture, but then once you see it, it's so clear. Hi, baby M!
Elizabeth said…
Two thumbs up about the healthy ultrasound and exciting that you guys are waiting to find out the sex...I love when couples do that these days :) You're looking adorable and so impressed with the continued variety of work-outs. Can imagine it's frustrating but you'll be back at it in no time post-babe too :) Maybe a hike is just what is needed then...send me a text with potential dates that might work for you and we can meet halfway somewhere?

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