The Second Trimester - Weeks 18 and 19

I think after two weeks, I've finally ditched my sinus infection and two clogged eardrums. Hallelujah. And, it's Friday so there's another reason to celebrate. To make things even better, we're headed to Bend, OR after our 20 week ultrasound! for a weekend with the family. I'm already dreaming of stomping in the snow. 

Week 18

How I'm feeling: This is the point where I feel like my belly is becoming much more noticeable to me. It's just kind of there and in the way. I find myself taking a wider stance to squat or bend over and I know this is just the beginning.

A quick pic as the snow started coming down in Michigan

Sleep was less than ideal this week in different beds during our travels. I have also started to sleep only on my left side because I notice my blood pressure just feels off when I try to sleep on my back.

Baby: is the size of a sweet potato (~5.6 inches, 6.7 oz)

Weight gained: 8 lbs

Exercise: The first half of the week, I did a bit of running and some cross training in Michigan, but after getting a sinus infection, I took it pretty easy on myself and did no exercise. Part of this whole pregnancy thing is realizing that I am not in control and knowing that being healthy is the priority.

What I'm wearing: same ole, same ole. Per the usual, I over packed for our Midwest trip, but I brought  a lot of comfy things (long sleeve t-shirts, layers, and scarves).

Baby preparations: nada

Week 19

How I'm feeling: Not so hot, that's for sure. Most of this week was spent trying to get over the sinus infection and get rid of the plugged eardrum that occurred on the flight home. Nights are the worst as my chest congestion seems to send me into wheezing fits keeping myself and the manfriend awake.

I took a few Tylenol here and there (as you're pretty limited to what you can take when pregnant), but mostly downing a lot of tea, water and fluids in general. I also bought more saline solution for my nose and a humidifier to help.

No photos this week because I just wasn't on my game. I really need to get a tripod for some better photos!

Baby: is the size of a mango (~6 inches, 8.5 oz)

Weight gained: 11 lbs

What I'm wearing: I tried to wear a pair of my old Paige jeans that are generally a size too big that I was sure would still be comfortable to wear and no dice. I ended up using the rubber band trick to keep them up and secure. I got a few maternity pieces from my sister-in-law when we were in Chicago. Long tank tops are my favorite these days underneath pretty much everything.

The challenge now is finding another good pair or two of maternity jeans. The one's I've ordered from Gap and Old Navy were no bueno.

Baby preparations: We ordered our crib! We ended up ordering the same one that Pete's brother and wife bought for their newborn, so we will see if I like it. I'm trying not to get too caught up in obsessing over the cutest (and most functional) crib, chair, rug, stroller, car seat, etc., but it's not easy.

Friday Favorites

A few things I've been loving lately are:

this sweater, which seemed really boxy, but is actually awesomely cute and so soft and will work post baby too.

this sweatshirt, which will hopefully last me through the next four months.

positive words from friends and loved ones.

{nearly} full nights of sleep.

the Rich Roll podcast (which always inspires me that someday I could do something big, crazy, and massively successful). Seriously, you should check it out! Thanks to Lindsey for recommending it.

starting my day with a pre-dawn run.

What are three things bringing you happiness right now? 


Jessica Jarrell said…
I'm glad you are feeling better! I can't imagine being sick and on top of that, nauseous, bloated, etc. I'd have to say the 3 things bringing me happiness right now are books, Oscar-nominated movies, and homemade chicken chow mein :)
I am glad that you are feeling better! Sucks that you have been so sick and then are not able to take things to make you feel better. No fun!

Three things making me happy right now are the sun shining, the fact that I don't work today, and the fun emotions of coming off a great weekend spend with Phil and my parents.
Looking so great!! :) It's fun to read these updates.

Happy: a great trip to Austin with my sis + SIL, and now staying home and grounded (after 7 trips in 3 months), until after the wedding day. Whoop!

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