Weekend Getaway: Sunriver

As I mentioned on Friday, we headed off for a mini vacation this weekend to Sunriver, a vacation resort just outside Bend, OR with my parents, brothers, and their significant others for a fun and relaxing weekend.

Even though it was only three nights, it felt like a vacation being away from home in a big house, playing games, making big meals to share, and enjoying the snow.

Saturday, we had less than ideal weather so we opted to hang around Sunriver for the day. Dog walks, hot chocolate with whipped cream, catch phrase, and vegetarian lasagna were the highlights. 

I wore a puffy jacket under my rain coat because the wind made it necessary.

Running in the last week has become a real challenge (i.e. much slower and requiring more walk breaks), so I opted to just take several walks and do a little yoga flow rather than run this weekend. 

Sunday, we headed up to Mt. Bachelor in search of snow and sun! While I'm not supposed to ski while preggers, I was happy to see that others got to enjoy a good day on the mountain. 

My brother Max and the manfriend

My mom, sister-in-law Sabrina, and I opted to go snowshoeing for a few hours in the morning, which proved to be a decent workout and a lot of fun.

Yes, I look ridiculous. Need new snow gear to look like the cool kids.

We love snow!

We popped into the quaint Nordic Lodge before and after our jaunt and I honestly didn't want to leave to head over to the main lodge for lunch. There's something about this little fireplace and the cute benches that just make me want to cozy up and never leave. 

After lunch, Sabrina and I braved the tubing hill for what turned out to be much more terrifying than I would have imagined (i.e. careening backward while flying downhill on an inner tube). Luckily, we escaped without incident, but it sure was a reminder I'm not a kid anymore. 

And finally, the whole gang (minus my dad who was home with a bad back).

While I definitely missed not being able to downhill, I know it's only for this season and it just makes me that much more excited for next ski season. Granted, we'll have a little one, but I'm hoping someone won't mind volunteering to be babysitter for a day. ;)

In other news, the bump is definitely becoming more obvious. And, our big ultrasound went well. Everything looks perfect according to the OB!

And I'm feeling little kicks and/or movement regularly.  I know some people say it feels like fluttering, but to me it almost feels like little bubbles popping in my stomach. 

21 weeks and growing...

Is there something seasonal that you look forward to every year? What is your favorite aspect of winter? 


Amber said…
Looks like so much fun!! We went skiing last weekend and had a lot of fun. Though we did discover (again, we seem to discover this every year!) we are so not all day skiers/snowboarders. We were done after 4 hours and realized we really should have done a half day instead.

My brother is visiting in March so I think we're going to rent a condo at the ski resort here and have a similar kind of weekend. So fun to get away like that even if it's just for a weekend!
That getaway sounds like so much fun! I am sure you'll be out on the slopes next year as I think you'll have plenty of people vying for time with the baby!

In the winter, I look forward to our first big snowfall as there's just something magical about seeing the city blanketed in snow. Winter can be a tough season for me as we don't get much sunlight and it feels like the longest of our 4 seasons but it includes Christmas and my birthday so those at least give me something to look forward to! And each year I try to plan a warm weather getaway to help me survive the winter!
I love winter and snow sports in the mountains, but this year we have not had as much snow as I would like. When I was in Oregon last summer, I was surprised at how much snow was still up there, even in June, compared to our mountains, which have been pretty bare last year and this year!

I really want to try snowshoeing! I never have! Did you rent the shoes? Did you find it hard or was it just like hiking?
Elizabeth said…
Awesome that you guys have been able to get a few weekends in Bend :) Hopefully there is still snow over there! (Where is the snow this year...again?!) Glad you were able to get out snowshoeing also!

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