The Second Trimester: Weeks 14 and 15

I am currently 18 weeks along, so we're just getting caught up on the specifics week by week. In case you missed it, click here for details about the first trimester.

Week 14

How I'm feeling: Still having a little bit of nausea. I bought a box of saltines to munch on to try to put the queasiness at bay when I'm not hungry.


Baby: is the size of a lemon.

Weight gained: 3 lbs 

What I'm wearing: H&M maternity jeans, Gap ponte pants (super comfortable, like thick leggings), Old Navy tamis tank, and the Gap pure body long-sleeve in addition to a lot of my normal clothes. All maternity items minus the jeans were bought on sale during cyber Monday or otherwise. 

Exercise: spinning, yoga, strength training, and a few shorter runs. 

Pregnancy purchases: Belli elasticity oil to help moisturize and hopefully prevent some stretch marks as well as this Bravado seamless bra. So far, I'm a big fan of both of these items. I'm debating whether or not to get a snoogle to help me sleep now that I am primarily sleeping on my left side. 

Week 15 

How I'm feeling: This was the week right before finals, so it was jam packed with studying and finishing projects and papers. It's hard to think much about how you're feeling when you've got things like tests and deadlines looming.

Love these Gap maternity ponte pants. So comfy. 

Baby: is the size of a navel orange. I got to his/her heartbeat at my second OB appointment. This time it was about 154. My doctor also mentioned that the baby was moving around a lot in there as evidence by the extra noise picked up by the doppler. 

Brief stop on an easy 5K around the neighborhood

Weight gained: 5 lbs

What I'm wearing: same as before. A few maternity pieces and most of my regular clothes. 

Exercise: Over the River and Through the Woods hilly 10K with friends was this week. I ran it in 59 minutes, which is about 7 minutes slower than my fastest recorded year. Ultimately, I'm just happy to still be running, even if it is at a more relaxed pace. I also fit in a few shorter runs, hiking and yoga. My body was sore and left foot was achy after the 10K, so I took a few days off high impact. 

Cravings: still the same. I want everything I can't have, including over easy eggs on toast, turkey sandwiches, wine and beer.

Baby preparations: Pete painted our spare bedroom, which will be the baby's room. It's always surprising how long it takes to prep and paint a small room.

Let me know if there's anything you want to hear more about and I'll see what I can do.

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Katie said…
I just have to laugh because I first started reading your blog around the time that I got pregnant, and I'm now 19 weeks. So you've been pregnant almost the whole time that I've been reading your blog!

I totally crave wine and cold cuts.
You look so cute! I love your outfits! I want that gap shirt. It looks so cozy! I hope you are getting lots of rest and relaxing during this break!
Leigh said…
That pregnancy pillow is so worth it! I found mine on Kijiji (like Craigslist) and so glad I bought it!
Amber said…
I'm so glad you are feeling so good and able to keep up with your running, even if it is a bit slower than your normal paces. Can't wait to see more photos of your baby belly growing, you are going to be so cute!
AudreyJane said…
I'm a total blog lurker, but I have to finally comment to tell you congratulations! I am also pregnant with my first, 23 weeks along. I highly recommend a body pillow AND to stock up on maternity gapfit long sleeve shirts... They are cute with and without a bump and are great for everything; hanging out, running, work. I think I have every color they offer :) I also started doing Barre3, to supplement my swimming/running/yoga routine.... It has been really good for strengthening and much easier than yoga to modify now that I am showing.

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