Getting Caught Up: The First Trimester

In case you missed it, I made a little announcement last weekend.

To catch you up a bit, I thought it would be fun to look back on the last oh, four months and what's been brewin'. I am currently 17 weeks along, so let's get caught up on the first trimester!

When we decided to have a family, we knew we didn't want to try to get pregnant until after our Europe trip so we could enjoy that fully. Being nauseous or not able to enjoy a glass (or two) of good wine in Italy or France would have been some kind of crime in my book.

From our wine tour in the Chianti region of Italy

In an ideal world, we hoped to get pregnant and have a baby in early summer so I could have the summer off to take care of and adjust to life with a baby before going back to school in the fall.

In late September when I didn't get my period, I took a pregnancy test to see if anything was happening. A few minutes later, I saw a faint + sign. I wasn't really that sure that what I was seeing was positive, so I waited a few more days and took another one, only to see the + sign appear even darker this time.

Sure enough, pregnant!

Now, we're not sure, but this little baby may have joined me for his or her first race early on as I ran the McKenzie River 50K on September 6. Part of me wonders if that's why my stomach felt off that day and I felt SO tired (granted, running 50K is tiring)?

We haven't been great about taking photos weekly, but I have included some of the photos we took of the nonexistent bump as well as thoughts from my journal.

Week 4

Breathing became noticeably harder this week during runs. I would start my runs at an easy jog, yet feel like I had just done a sprint. The body is definitely adjusting to all the extra blood and oxygen that needs to be provided to the baby.

By weeks 5 and 6, my boobs were already growing a lot (and feeling sore), causing me to need to buy a new sports bra and a few bigger regular bras. I also started feeling extra hungry and more tired than normal. During week 5, I ran the Berkeley Trail Adventure and enjoyed a great weekend in San Francisco.

Week 7

Week 8

How I'm feeling: So tired (and under the weather). The exhaustion of pregnancy has really hit, plus several large work events and midterms in school made this a tiring week for me. I nearly threw up in my nutrition lecture class. Thank goodness for ginger candies.

Baby: is the size of a raspberry.

Weight gained: 1 lb

What I'm wearing: Around this time, my skinniest skinny jeans no longer felt comfortable to wear. They cut in at my waist where things were just starting to thicken up. I immediately folded those two pair and put them on the top shelf of my closet so I wouldn't even be tempted to try them on again.

Exercise: minimal. Life was just too busy.

*This was my last week of work at a job I've had for almost nine years!

Week 9

How I'm feeling: A lot better. Trying to adjust to life as just a student. Happy to be back on the workout train!

Baby: is the size of a green olive.

Weight gained: 2 lbs

What I'm wearing: I bought my first pair of maternity pants - skinny jeans from H&M.

Exercise: Runs are steady at ~ 9 min pace and 5 miles feels like a chore. Gone are the days where I simply head out for an easy 8-10 miler. Did a few shorter runs, strength exercises and yoga this week.

Week 10

How I'm feeling: SO, so tired. Studying has been very challenging as I can't do much of anything without wanting a nap.

Baby: is the size of a prune.

Weight gained: 2 lbs

What I'm wearing: Mostly just rotating through a few pairs of my looser jeans. I did order a few tanks and a long sleeve from Gap maternity as they were having a 40 percent off sale.

Exercise: Ran a hilly 8 miles at Mt. Pisgah with my friend Laurel. Slow and steady with walk breaks as needed. Fit in a few other short, easy runs + yoga and weights.

Week 11

How I'm feeling: Started feeling some nausea this week, which has been really rare during my pregnancy. I threw up once. My guess is that the extra hormones surging through my system paired with the fact that I had only had part of my breakfast (a piece of toast) upset my stomach. Need more food, more often!

Baby: is the size of a lime. We got to hear the heartbeat and it was so strong!

Weight gained: 2 lb.

What I'm wearing: The same stuff. Squeezing into some of my jeans and cords that I know won't fit in a few weeks, like these black skinny jeans.

Exercise: Managed to do several runs and even ventured on to the Ridgeline Trail with some girlfriends to do a challenging 10 miler! Kept the pace easy for me and walked up hills as needed.

* I went to my first OB appointment and we got to hear the heartbeat (192 bpm)! And we finally told our parents we were expecting this week! 

Week 12

How I'm feeling: Things must have been busy because I didn't make any notes in my journal. I'm pretty sure I threw up this week right after walking the dog. Again, need more food first thing in the morning.

Weight gained: 2 lbs

What I'm wearing: My friend Laura who had her baby Amelia about 10 months ago gave me a bag of her maternity clothes. I was thankful to get some hand-me-downs so I won't have to buy as much!

Exercise: forgot to track it this week

Week 13

How I'm feeling: Not too bad, although I did throw up in the middle of a short run before heading to an early Thanksgiving gathering with my family.

Weight gained: 2 lbs (but more to come soon!)

What I'm wearing: Ordered a few more things from Gap and Old Navy maternity. Again, sale!

Exercise: Ran the local turkey trot at an 8:40 min/mile pace, which felt fast and hard. Gone are the days where that's my easy pace, I suppose. Managed to fit in 5 runs, weight training and some yoga.

Cravings: wine, beer, turkey sandwich, sushi (We actually went out for sushi and I ordered the few rolls on the menu that weren't raw. Yum!). I will say that pretty much from the moment I knew I couldn't have deli meat, unpasteurized cheeses, sushi, etc. was the second I wanted to eat ALL of these things.

I hope you're enjoying a wonderful Christmas filled with lots of relaxation, laughter, good food and people. We are just about to board the plane bound for Chicago and then we'll be on our way to Michigan!

This is just my experience as a pregnant woman. I know I enjoy following other's pregnancy journeys, so I hope you find these posts interesting and informative.


Jessica Jarrell said…
Congrats Lauren! You look great, hopefully the nausea lessens now that you're out of the first trimester. Hope you guys have a very Merry Christmas! :)
You're looking great. I love that you're just taking it day by day in terms of exercising while pregnant. Good luck with the travels (Chicago is cloudy with rain, but I think Michigan might be getting snow) and enjoy your time with Pete's family!
It's interesting to see how each person differs during their pregnancies... I am glad that the timing is going to work out for school! You couldn't have planned that better!

You look great. I hope that you are having a good time with Pete's family for the holidays and I can't wait to follow you on your journey!
This was fun to read! You look so cute and I am glad that aside from feeling tired and puking here and there that you have been feeling pretty good. I think it is funny that NONE of us suspected you were pregnant on the SF trip. I guess that is the benefit of traveling with runners that don't drink much and don't like to stay up late. ;) I really did not suspect a thing on that trip.

I hope that you are continuing to feel good. It will be exciting to have your full ultrasound in a couple of weeks and see all the shots of the baby's anatomy! I hope you are enjoying your break and resting as much as possible!!!
Amber said…
I definitely never would have guessed you were pregnant in SF!!! I can't believe you ran that hard 21km trail race while pregnant too! You are looking awesome and doing an amazing job keeping up with the workouts. I'm glad to hear that overall you are feeling really good!
Elizabeth said…
LOVE This! Congrats congrats again. Absolutely love the pictures and the summaries. It's always neat to read about others journeys and I'm so so impressed with how much you've still been able to keep after it. You look amazing!

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