Holiday Hustle & Bustle

It was fun to hear your budget tid-bits as everyone has different ideas and/or motivations around their spending.

This week, I'm focused on getting back on track. With a week free to clean the house, finish a few neglected projects, and just plain relax before we head to the midwest for Christmas, I really want to return to (mostly) clean eating + some serious workouts.

From last weekend's annual Over the River and Through the Woods 10K 

Last week was all about survival (finals are done. hallelujah.) and then this weekend included the manfriend's company holiday party and an early Christmas with my family.

Mom, my brother Max and his girlfriend Hannah.  Backdrop courtesy of Trader Joe's.

As Christmas celebrations tend to include plenty of good food, this weekend was no different. And when surrounded by a lot of it, I tend to lack the kind of control I do at home.

I don't regret the fantastic weekend we had filled with family bowling, neighborhood walks, Christmas movies, games, presents and food, but I want to get right back to feeling like my normal self.

The plan? Sweat it out every day, whether it's a run, a HIIT workout, or strength training. Drink lots of water. Focus on veggies and quality protein. Forget the cheese and sweets  (because sometimes there simply is too much of a good thing).

Saturday morning I got the manfriend to run with me on the river path.

Last week also included a few much needed om sessions, even the 10 min post-run variety. 

How are you faring with the holidays? What is your favorite tradition this time of year?

Honestly, we haven't had many celebration to attend so things haven't been too crazy, but I haven't had much time to think about many things beyond school and a little Christmas shopping. Two of my favorite things this time of year are laughing my way through Grumpy Old Men and Christmas Vacation and driving around looking at lights in the hills of Eugene. 

Workouts to try:
I tried all of these last week in addition to a few runs + yoga. 

Fitnessista's Kettlebell Rock (strength)
Sarah Fit's Booty Sculpting Moves (strength)
Your Trainer Paige's Abs-olutely Strong Core


Amber said…
I've been working out A LOT but I've been eating like crap. I wish it was balancing out but I really don't think it is. Oh well, I know I'll get back on track after the holidays. Hope you have a great week!
I feel like my eating has been way off between our vacation and other holiday gatherings we've had, one of which I hosted on Sunday. We have one more holiday party, and I am hoping to be good about what I eat at that party! I go home for Christmas on the 23rd and that is when the real challenges starts for me because my mom makes so much food and a lot of time she makes special GF things for me so I feel like I HAVE to eat them! I felt so gross after Thanksgiving so I want to avoid that happening again over Christmas!

That said I have been really good about fitting workouts in this month. I've only taken 2 rest days and those were during my vacation. I am trying to keep up with the workouts to offset some of the less than ideal eating I've been doing!!

Enjoy this break from school!!
Elizabeth said…
Congrats on being done with the term! Bet it feels absolutely amazing :) I've been lacking appetite lately and it's hard to make myself eat some days when nothing really sounds good (mainly stress related I think). So I've kind of given myself a free pass to eat whatever sounds good--ha. But I'm trying to be mindful of veggies--I need more veggies in my life. Honestly that all I craved post-half on Sunday..hence fajitas :) Enjoy this week of down time to sweat and relax!

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