Appreciating What My Body's Able to Do

Whew! Two tests completed (+ less than ideal sleep) makes me really feel like I deserve this little thing called the weekend!

As my body's changing, you can bet that so are my workouts. Before we even got pregnant, I started telling myself that I was going to be at peace with whatever my body could or could not do during pregnancy. After all, the goal is to produce a healthy little human!

But, I can't deny that as running (especially) has become a whole heck of a lot harder than I might have expected, it has been a little disappointing. I would have loved to just be sailing through five milers with my little bump. Even still, I'm trying to simply be thankful that I'm still moving and getting my heart rate up several times a week with activities I enjoy.

At some point, I may have to give up running completely during this pregnancy, but today is not that day. 

So, how am I adjusting my running?

I'm fully embracing "the wog" or walk/jog method. These days, I'm able to run or jog about 2-5 minutes at a time before I feel some discomfort in my pelvis and then I need at least a 1 min walk break until I start running again.

While it doesn't get me a ton 'o miles, it does allow me to get the heart rate up and truck along for 30-40 minutes without too much pain.

Some days however, the pelvis and the ligaments below the pelvis seem to be more annoyed when I run, so it requires more walking. But for now, I'm not willing to completely give up the run. ;)

Watch out, bump comin' through!

As far as high intensity workouts (HIIT and tabatas) that I do at home, I am modifying those in terms of not doing full burpees or choosing another move when my heart rate is too high or something's just feeling off. And weight workouts seem to be pretty much unmodified (minus laying flat on my back for specific exercises or doing wider squats).

Beyond running and HIIT, I'm realizing that more than ever, I need to keep up my yoga practice. My hips and I.T. band just feel like they are getting tight and need the streeeeetch. Right now, I'm trying to get to at least one studio class a week plus a few online flows at home. 

I'm definitely widening my stance any time I'm folded over, or transitioning from plank or downward dog to the top of my mat, but I'm also realizing that I may have to trade in some of the harder vinyasa classes (both at home and in studio) for classes that are a little gentler and slower.

Sunday's stretch and relax class at Mudra is perfect for that (and is great because it's also just the right speed for the manfriend). 

I would love to find a decent (not completely beginner) prenatal yoga class in Eugene, but we'll see...

Moral of the story is, I'm being flexible with my body and mind. I'm taking moments here and there to remind myself that when I get frustrated because I can't do something (can't help it, I'm a little competitive) that this is temporary and I am grateful simply to be moving. 

Bumptastic Friday Fashion
Fashion sort of became a thing of the past when I could no longer fit into (or felt like wearing) 80 percent of my wardrobe. Tops are getting shorter and shorter on me, so I'm trying to wear some of them now while I still can. As of today, we're 23 weeks along!

Sweater - LOFT, tank - LOFT, Jeans - H&M mama, UGGs

Also, these UGG slippers I got for Christmas from the manfriend are pretty much like heaven for the feet. 

Have a fabulous weekend! We're off for another weekend in Central Oregon!


Jessica Jarrell said…
Your little bump looks so cute in that black outfit! Have a great weekend Lauren! :)
Aw, your bump is so cute! I am glad you've been able to be active during this pregnancy and have found ways to modify your workouts. I had coffee with a friend today that is 18 weeks along and she has been so terribly sick, she's not able to work out at all! I feel so bad for her!

I hope you are enjoying your weekend getaway!
It sounds like you are keeping nice and fit, even if it's not the same as your normal routine! I know for me when I cannot run, I get a little crazy, so I hop on the bike and it gets me outside and satisfies that fitness fix!

I hope you had fun this weekend! I have just been planning my yearly summer trip up to Sisters and I cannot wait, even though it's still months away!
Amber said…
Good plan to just listen to your body and do what feels good and not do what doesn't feel good. That's the philosophy my coworker has been following and she's managed to stay super active through the past 30 weeks. We go to HIIT and other high intensity classes at the gym together at lunch but she just modifies where she needs to!

Your bump is lookin so cute!
Lindsey said…
I have those slippers and basically live in them!

I think it is amazing that you are still running. And it's great that you are slowing down a bit and incorporating walking but still keeping it up!

I have been finding myself a little frustrated with my yoga practice lately and wishing I could do things I can't. It's hard sometimes even knowing that we are growing little humans! But you are right, it's temporary. Lots of gratitude to still be moving and carrying a baby :)

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