The Second Trimester: Week 26

Hello and happy Wednesday! I hope things are well in your neck of the woods. And a big congrats to Julie of Peanut Butter Fingers who announced she is 17 weeks pregnant. I am currently 27 weeks along, so let's take a look at week 26.

How I'm feeling: Overall, pretty good. Emotions have ebbed and flowed a bit more these last few weeks, which I hadn't noticed earlier in my pregnancy. This week I started having random dreams every.single.night. that won't seem to stop. When I wake up I feel more tired than I would from a normal, non-dreaming night of sleep.

Baby: is the size of a head of lettuce (~13.6 to 14.8 inches, 1.5 to 2.5 pounds). Same height and weight range as last week! But it definitely feels like it's taking up some serious space inside my belly.

Weight gained:  16 lbs

Helloooo bump!

I have a hard time remembering what having my normal stomach looked and felt like at this point. I'm glad I took a few photos right at the beginning to document it. 

Week 5

Exercise: Lots of variety as my running miles become fewer and fewer. This week included a bike ride downtown, the elliptical, walks, yoga, and a few runs/wogs.

Thank goodness for Oiselle! This is likely the only exercise gear I own stretchy enough to grow with the belly until the end!

With the weather being as nice as it's been here (don't throw anything at me), I'm really missing the opportunity to run on the trails. This has me itching to want to drive to some of my favorites and just commit to some long hikes.

What I'm wearing: Much of the same. Stretchy, comfortable everything.

Baby preparations: Date night! Not directly baby related, but the manfriend and I took advantage of the fact that we will not be able to go out easily for dates after Baby Moe is here.

We went out for pizza slices and salad downtown with a side of people watching and then stopped by Red Wagon Creamery for dessert. A tasty (and fun) night indeed! 

Do you and your significant other plan date nights out or are they more spontaneous? Best date idea?

I'm a planner by nature, but if the manfriend suggests going out for dinner (like he did this week) on a random night, I try to be flexible and find a fun, affordable way we can head out on the town. I think some of our bike dates still hold a special place in my heart as my favorites because the bike adds a little freedom and fun to the whole experience. 


Wow, you have really popped in the last couple of weeks! You look so cute, though! I'm envious that you are outside in a tank top, though! It's SOOOO cold here. But it's going to warm up this weekend so I am excited for that!

We don't really intentionally plan date nights. It seems like we just randomly get to the point where we don't want to eat in (i.e. I don't feel like cooking). It's hard to come up with fun dates in the winter because it's so cold out. My favorite date in the summer is going to the driving range together and then grabbing a bite to eat afterwards. I also like going on runs together which probably doesn't sound like a 'date' type activity but it's one of my favorite ways to spend time together.
Wow, what a difference from Week five to now! You really have changed a lot. It's good that you are finding alternative ways to get out and be active. I know that sometimes it's hard to be creative, but we ARE lucky that we have nice weather right now, so even if you just go for a walk, at least you are outside in the fresh air!
Amber said…
You look so so cute!! It's been so fun watching the bump grow through your blog. I can't believe you're in your third trimester already.

We don't really plan date nights at all unless it's a special occasion like our anniversary. We tend to spend at least one weekend night in with takeout and a movie though but I don't know if I would call it a 'date night' though I'm sure people who have kids are like 'that's totally a date night!!' haha.

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