Get Up and Go

With our 'get up and go' days being numbered (12 weeks until Baby Moe is due!), I've been anxious to get out and explore as much as possible. And when I saw last weekend's temps were going to be in the 60s, I was even more convinced I wanted to shake up our normal weekend routine. 

Sunday morning, we headed west toward the Oregon coast for a little hike and some fresh air. I chose Sweet Creek Falls because it wasn't too far from Eugene (45 min or so) AND it was close to the beach, which we rarely visit, but often calls my name. 

The Sweet Creek trail follows the creek and the falls for a little over a mile with gorgeous views around almost every corner. While it wasn't a challenging hike, it was some serious nature eye candy. 

After our little hike, we headed another 20 minutes to the coast where we ate sandwiches on the beach and I walked along getting my feet cold and sandy. 

If given the time, I would probably walk on the sand for a few hours, but after 20 min or so, I turned around so we could head back to Eugene.

I'm already planning our next mini adventure before things get about 10x more challenging. There are a ton of cool hikes just outside the Portland area, but I think we need to plan a night to stay in that area so we can get up and go from there rather than driving the two hours first.

If you live in Oregon, what are your favorite hikes? Or what do you do when you want to shake up your usual routine?

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lisa valinsky said…
Lauren - you look great! Can't believe your due date is coming up so soon!

I love hiking, and a mix of a hike in the woods with a walk on the beach sounds perfect.
Amber said…
You're so cute! That looks like such an awesome and fun little adventure! Think about how fun it will be to do with baby Moe too, I can just picture you guys hiking with a carrier on your back and a cute little babe or toddler playing in that nice sand! :)
You look so cute! That sounds like an awesome adventure and you guys are so smart to be doing this now when it's easier! But like Amber said, I can also picture you doing things like this with baby Moe in a carrier! :)

I am not great about shaking up my normal routine but in the summer one way I shake things up is by going to my parents lake home for the weekend. This summer, I'm really hoping that Phil will buy a bike because I think another way to shake up our routine is to go on some bike dates as there are so many trails we can get to from either of our homes.
That looks like a lot of fun! I love trying out new trails and exploring new areas. I have gone hiking near Portland; I believe it was the Eagle Creek trail, which was really beautiful. I have also hiked a lot near Sisters, on the PCT both ways as well as on the Peterson Ridge trail and the Metoulious river trail as well as the Sahale falls trails.

In a couple of weeks I am actually heading that way for the Gorges 100k, which is near Cascade Lockes. I will definitely do some hiking that weekend!
Unknown said…
If I were in Portland area, I'd go check out the salmon river trail. There are so many great trails in Oregon though!!
You're looking so cute right now :)

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