Best of Lately

Since this was so fun last time, I thought I should do it again. Plus, a few things have simply put an extra smile on my face lately. It's nice to notice those little things that can be game changers for your day or week.

These flowers I picked up last weekend at Trader Joe's for $3.99. Seriously. And there were four roses in the bunch!

Individual Sabra Hummus cups. They were $5.99 for a 16 pack at Costco, which turns out to be about $0.38 per cup and make for perfect serving sizes to go in the manfriend's lunches (with carrots) or for post work snacks.

Sending a handwritten note with a matching red stamp. You forget how nice it is to send or receive a piece of physical mail until you receive one yourself. There's just something about seeing your own address handwritten by a friend or family member that is so nice. And a cute notecard doesn't hurt either.

These Kind bars. They are super tasty, low in sugar and are a great portable snack when you're going from one thing to the next.

These oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. In search of something sweet, I modified this recipe (adding raisins and a little p.b.) last weekend to meet my fix. 

This guy for his hard work (in the rain) on our front and back yard. Moss, be gone!

The many gorgeous sunrises and sunsets I've witnessed when I'm driving to and from Corvallis for class.

And finally, these itty bitty stripes I purchased for Baby Moe.

Because we don't know the sex of the baby, I really hadn't purchased any clothes (other than some onesies for our announcement shoot) and a few second hand sleepers. But I couldn't resist the other day when our Fred Meyer (AKA Krogers) had Carter's clothes 50 percent off. Plus, I'm a sucker for stripes. 

And finally...

Fashion Friday
This is about the most comfortable outfit I've managed to pull together lately. I went out to run a few errands and study for finals at a coffee shop and this did the trick. So glad these maternity leggings are still going strong!

Chambray shirt: Madewell, t-shirt + leggings: Gap maternity, shoes: Converse

What's putting an extra pep in your step this week? Any special plans for the weekend? Happy Friday, all! 

Tomorrow, some of my high school girlfriends are having a baby shower for me and Baby Moe in Portland. I'm looking forward to catching up with friends and family and enjoying some good food.


Amber said…
Your bump is so cute poking out from your chambray shirt :) And those flowers are GORGEOUS for only $3.99! Awesome!!

I hope you have a wonderful baby shower!
I love getting handwritten notes, and yours are super cute! I found some really fun cards at Target the other day; they are made from recycled paper and have the cutest design on them!
Wow, those flowers were a steal - good call to treat yourself to them! And I love your pregnancy style. No one rocks a chambray shirt quite as well as you do!

Things I'm loving these days is the barre classes I've been taking lately, running with my club twice a week, and quite nights in with Phil. He used to just sort of watch/observe when I cooked but now I take him up on his offer to help and it makes it way more fun/easy.
You are freaking adorable in that casual outfit. Naturebox has something similar to that Kind bar - so good! And I'm totally with you on handwritten notes.

Special plans over the weekend included a trip to New York to see family and friends. This week, I'm recovering from the trip. =)
Elizabeth said…
Love everything here and I might have to go check out those hummus cups at Costco! BTW driving to OSU for classes? Are you doing the dietics program there then?
Dapoxetine said…
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