Weekend in Photos

Whew! Last week was exhausting for no particular reason. Felt like I was behind on sleep and just mentally wiped out. 

Tuesday for example, I scratched my plans for a post work run or any meal prep and picked up Laughing Planet burritos to go for a relaxing night on the couch. Just a general reminder that you don't have to do it all to be successful

A few photos from my weekend for you...

Saturday morning cardio circuit before the perfect yoga class {Teacher Kira is finally back from maternity leave!}. 

Saturday after a work event, I got to watch the Ducks beat Stanford and spend some time with my brothers and Sabrina. 

Because my brother Kyle and his wife Sabrina were staying the night, I had the motivation to do a serious clean of our spare bedroom, which happens to also hold my closet and dresser (small house = tiny closets). I'm going to work to keep this room clean because it looks so nice and frankly, stress free. 

Sunday morning, the manfriend and I headed out to the country roads for a 23 mile bike ride. While I've been spinning regularly at home, these road rides remind me how weak I am at cycling. Always room for improvement!

 Can't beat open roads and sun on your face

And finally, some much delayed studying for my muscle and joint test this week. 

Goals for this week: focused studying, eat clean, run easy, yoga when I can, wear a few outfits I enjoy (last week was no bueno outfit wise).

How was your weekend? 


It looks like you had a fun weekend! Our spare bedroom is a disaster zone at my house. I hope nobody decides to visit anytime soon because I really don't want to clean it. :-)

I rode my bike for almost 15 miles yesterday and it was freaking windy! It was only my 2nd time out on my new bike, but it was a lot of fun. A little cold too! I felt like I was getting hypothermia towards the end. I couldn't feel my little toes.

Have a great week!
Amber said…
Sounds like a great weekend. Sometimes a night on the couch is SO NEEDED so I'm glad you listened to your body! I haven't biked in so so long. I wish I had friends who did it, I think that would inspire me to get out more!
Good luck with your upcoming exam. I hope this semester is going well for you!

I love the bedding in your guest room! And I am envious that you have a guest room. That is so grown up. ;) I have a pull out couch so at least that is better than an air mattress I suppose!

Last week was a stressful emotional rollcoaster... but it's behind me and I am moving forward.

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