Colored Jean Thing

It's been a little while since  I did a Fashion Friday, so lucky for you, I got some colored skinny jeans!

There's no doubt my favorite color in the world is aqua so when I spotted these pants at Old Navy, I snagged them right up and took them to the dressing room. 

Then it just so happened that this polka dotted ruffled neck tank was on sale for $12.99...

I wore this outfit to work on Monday and then again on Wed night after work for "girls night" because I like to recycle outfits that are cute and comfy (and not dirty).

So there you have it - my first pair of colored skinnies. I have to fold the hem up about 3" because I'm short, but it's not a big deal.

On life: Every time I have a night out with girlfriends that involves chatting and some serious laughs, I remember how important that stuff is for the soul. Sure, it makes the week a little crazier, but it's totally worth it. You've got to nourish your friendships (which in turn nourish you), and I've got to remember that.

On the running front: This week has been nice. I actually took an active "rest" day on Tuesday, which my body really needed after being on the go and receiving some awful news. Wednesday, I did an unintended progression run and my body felt strong. It's amazing how stress relieving a simple 40 min run can be.

Thursday, I opted to do a daily double just because I could. I really enjoy early morning runs (if I can get my butt out of bed), but I also hate to miss the Thursday group workout. Having someone else kick your ass to run fast definitely works!

While I'm enjoying not "having" to run a particular distance, it also makes me anxious not to have some thing on the books to be "training for."

How was your week? Have you busted into the color jean thing? 

I have a busy weekend ahead before I dive right into the whole working + student thing! Hoping to snag a few moments of relaxation with the manfriend on Sunday before the flurry begins.


Raquelita said…
Fun skinnies! I have a pair of red straight leg jeans that I just love and several pairs of colored skinny cords.
Leigh said…
LOVE the outfit! I personally love the coloured jeans look. I have a blue and coral pair :) Have a great weekend!
Redhead Running said…
Alright FINE, I admit, they look adorable on you... but every time I consider buying a pair I just cringe and think of how popular colored Gloria Vanderbilt jeans were when I worked at Montgomery Wards in high school. LOL!
They look great on you! And I agree--I've been spending much more time with my gal pals and it's so nourishing for the soul--definitely look forward to those nights. Best of luck with your first week back next week!
I love those jeans!! And you look awesome in them! I haven't gotten colored jeans, but I did rocked the colored fitted pants this summer and recently bought a pair for fall in an eggplant color!

I agree - time with girlfriends is just plain good for the soul. I did that last night and had so much fun!
I'm loving that colored jeans are back. I'm hoping to get a pair in either plum or rust. it all depends on what I can find that works.
Those pants are so fun! I have not bought a pair yet, but I love how they look on everyone else! Especially that aqua color.
J said…
I have been thinking about trying the color jeans! I just need to get my butt to the store and try them on! They look great on you!
Run Jess Run said…
That is a super cute outfit!
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE those pants!!! They look great on you too.
Dawnetta Rios said…
I thought you looked very cute on Wednesday. :) Lots of fun--it was nice to run with you a little bit on Thursday, too.
Amber said…
That outfit looks great on you! LOVE the colour of those jeans. I have a pair of purple jeans I got this summer but I haven't worn them THAT much as I struggled with what to pair them with! I'm hoping to get a few more wears out of them this fall and pair them with boots though :)
Liz said…
I LOVE those jeans! Any shade of turquoise is my absolute favorite color. I love the colored jean trend, they're so cute.

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