Wish List for Your Favorite Runner

In light of the upcoming shopping holidays (Black Friday and Cyber Monday), I thought it would be fun to put together a Christmas/gift list of running related items I'm eyeing or appreciate as a runner. Plus, it's fun to dream.

Lululemon Run: Inspire Crop II- Pursian Purple/Black

Scoop Neck Tank - Heathered Smoky Rose

Day of the Week Rundies!

Running Shoes: How can you ever go wrong giving running shoes to a runner? I go through a pair every 3-4 months so it adds up. Brooks Adrenaline size 8.5 wide. Please and thank you.

Compression Sleeves or Socks: Zensah, 2XU

Road ID: Because your safety is worth it. I bought one for the manfriend last Christmas and finally bought the shoe version and a wrist band to use when I'm cycling about a month ago.

Foam Roller: to roll out the knots. I have a black dense foam roller and recently got this one with the trigger points on it. Both are great for their own reasons.

And finally, a massage! Because who doesn't looove a massage?

Stocking stuffer ideas: ear covering headband, Smartwool socks, gu's, Shot Bloks, Clif/Luna/Larabars, $ for race entries, Nathan handheld water bottle

Let's be honest, once you really get into running, it's no longer a cheap sport.

I'm looking forward to an early Thanksgiving with the manfriend and my family this weekend. Holiday food and traditions just make me overly happy and comforted in the best way possible. And then Sunday, the manfriend and I will be racing our buns off at the Half Marathon!

What are you wishing and hoping for from Santa?

Have you entered the Shabby Apple necklace giveaway? Do it! 


Raquelita said…
I love your picks! I'm hoping Santa brings me a new Garmin to replace mine that died and a Hello Kitty Asics hooded sweatshirt and capris. :)
Yes please to all the things on your list!! :) Those rundies are SO CUTE and hilarious! Lol
Lindsey said…
I sooo need a road id. I have been meaning to get one for so long. I think I probably made this same comment when you posted about getting yours! Those Lululemon running pants are really cute.

I'm wishing for some winter running clothes. I have been doing laundry way too often lately.
The Inspire crops are definitely worth the splurge - I love mine!

The Rundies are AWESOME. Good find ;)
missris said…
YES to the Road ID. I just bought one for everyone in my family since we're all runners & bikers!
Michelle said…
Have you ever worn a scoop neck tank? I have one from Lululemon and it kind of rubs my neck in a weird way. I still wear it because it's totally cute, but I find myself fidgeting with it more than I'd like.
Leigh said…
We do a draw for our family so we aren't buying for everyone and I just sent my list to my SIL. She responded back saying do you like running? Haha, everything on there was running related!
Liz said…
My mom has been bugging me about what I want for Xmas, and now I'm totally telling her all I want is Rundies! Those are awesome. RunID, that's a good one too.
J said…
I have the compression sleeves and I love them! They are great because I can wear them with socks or without! Those lululemon crops are so cute! I so want them!
I am hoping for a point & shoot camera! I bought mine in 2005 and it's on it's last leg! But I need to figure out which one I want... My mom has to shop for so many (there are 17 people in my immediate family now w/ spouses and kids!) so I need to be VERY specific. If i said a camera, that would not work. I need to tell her a brand and a model (and find one that isn't too expensive but has the features I want).
Love this post! It also gives the wanna-be-runner a shopping list :)

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