Shabby Apple Giveaway!

Happy RAINY Thursday evening! We're listening to the downpour as we watch the oh so dramatic Private Practice two hour special. And now onto the fun stuff. 

Shabby Apple contacted me to offer a giveaway to you guys so I picked out this Light as a Feather necklace just for you. This would be the perfect necklace paired with jewel tone sweater worn at your upcoming holiday party. Don't you think?

There are two ways to enter (2 entries max per person). U.S. residents only - sorry international readers!

1. Tell me what your favorite accessory you own is AND Like Shabby Apple on Facebook (and leave a comment that you did)
2. Tell me what your favorite Turkey Day dish is AND Follow Shabby Apple on Twitter (and leave a comment saying that you did)

Deadline to enter is 5PM PST on Sunday, Nov. 22.

For those who don't win (or just can't wait), Shabby Apple is also offering 10% off any purchases for the next month. Use Code: justcallmesassy10off Expires 12/17/11


Winda Tiodang said…
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Britton said…
What a gorgeous necklace!!!! My favorite accessory is of course my wedding rings and also a ring my mom had made for me using a diamond earring that was my grandmothers. My sister and I both got a ring from her earrings! It is so special to me!!!

I am a follower of Shabby Apple!!!
Britton said…
My favorite turkey day dish is any and every dessert possible!! :) Good thing I am a runner, huh!!! I am following shabby apple on twitter too!!
I love that necklace! my favorite accessories are probably my scarves, headbands and of course my jewelry!

I just followed them on FB!
My favorite thanksgiving dish..the desserts.. does that count?

Following on twitter,too!
Lindsey said…
Cute necklace! I followed Shabby Apple on Twitter. My favorite Thanksgiving dish used to be stuffing, but now I can't eat traditional stuffing! I think I will have to come up with a vegetarian version this year.
LIKED on facebook. LOVE this necklace! My college roomie had a leaf necklace that I was obsessed with but I have never found one that compares. This would do the trick ;)

Fave Turkey Day dish - definitely stuffing. Always has been.
Michelle said…
Liked and Following.

My favorite accessory is probably a necklace that my husband gave to me from New Twist (LOVE that store). It's a small circle with a teeny diamond.

Thanksgiving isn't complete without pumpkin pie! I could eat mashed potatoes and pie, leave the rest, and be totally happy.
veronica said…
My fav accessory has to be my wedding's the one item I wear daily!
Liked Shabby Apple on Facebook :)
H.B. said…
I liked Shabby Apple on facebook but I love their dresses, I bought one for a holiday event last year!

My favorite accessory is these large silver ball earrings (think large pearls but silver). They are the perfect accessory and they go with any outfit you could think of so they are totally a no-brainer when I'm not sure what to add to an outfit!
H.B. said…
My favorite Thanksgiving dish is cranberry dressing. NOT the canned stuff but real cranberry dressing made from fresh cranberries and sugar...yum! (And it's not Thanksgiving without pecan pie) :-)

I am now following shabby apple on twitter!
Taylor B. said…
I just liked Shabby Apple on good ole Facebook. My favorite accessory is the only accessory I'm always wearing... the ring Randie gave me for Christmas in 2005. The few times I've taken it off I've felt completely naked! Loving this necklace!
Brooke said…
I liked Shabby Apple on FB!
my favorite accessory is my John Wynn necklace.
Natalie Jane said…
My favorite accessory is my charm bracelet I've been putting together since I was 13. Lots of people have them, but don't wear them! Thats a shame.

SA facebook fan.
Natalie Jane said…
I like the dressing. Just posted about it today in fact!

I follow on twitter

Fav Turkey Day dish is definitely the stuffing. Every year we make my great-grandfather's recipe.

vegAnn said…
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vegAnn said…
Love this necklace!
I am looking forward to the sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts, and pumpkin coconut cream pie!
Following on twitter

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