Marathon Musings

Hello, I'm just popping in to say Happy Friday! My day started out with a bang - 4 mile recovery run done! Last night there was a lot of fast sprinting going on in the cold.

Sometimes it's hard to imagine those legs can go so fast. Speed work is a miracle worker, I tell ya. If you're not incorporating speed work regularly into your training, it can make a world of difference. It can be scary at first, but after a few weeks you'll start to see a difference and appreciate the extra push.

I don't know what exactly I'll be doing this weekend, but I know I have options. We have plans to meet up with the manfriend and a few new friends tonight for drinks, a "long run" that is 10 miles (seems short compared to those marathon distances), maybe test out a new hard core yoga class, watch the Duck football game, clean the house, make one of those stuffing recipes I've been eyeing in my Cooking Light magazine...

For now though, I can't complain over a more relaxed schedule. I'm still packing my weeks full of exercise, but running a bit less and taking this half marathon training pretty lightly. I guess that's why I love to race marathons that double as a race and a vacation. The motivation to be train hard is doubled because you're putting some serious planning and $$ into it. 

Things that are making me feel like I need to sign up for a race:
  • NYC Marathoners galore
  • friends signing up for sweaty endeavors
  • Foodbuzz bloggers invading San Francisco
  • Lauren Fleshman debuting at the New York Marathon 
  • oh and the fact that I don't have my next marathon picked out

If I could choose to do any, I'd pick either New York, Cincinnati Flying Pigs or Nike Women's Marathon. What's the top race on your list of "must do's?"  

Now who wants to sponsored a big city-lovin', food obsessed, running blogger to hit up one of these races in your name? Any takers? It's okay, I'll wait...


Lindsey said…
I agree, speedwork definitely works! I need to start doing some again one of these days...

Sounds like a nice relaxing weekend. Where are you trying the new yoga class? I just heard of a place called Willow Tree that is supposed to be pretty good. Have you been there?
Speedwork has definitely worked for me too!

All three of those marathons you listed are on my list! Mostly NYC and Nike womens marathon but I think the flying pigs marathon looks awesome too.

Right now I'm thinking of focusing on three things in 2012: marathon #2 in May, Olympic Triathlon in August and trail half-marathon in September. I don't want to overwhelm myself *too* much with the wedding happening as well but I'll admit the temptation to sign up for races has been strong!!
I think you should do the Twin Cities marathon some day. The course is really beautiful and you'd only have to pay for the cost of the flight as you could stay with me! :) I can't do it next year as I have a wedding that weekend, but maybe in 2014 I will run Twin Cities (which yah, that is a long ways away, but you know me, the planner!).

Anyways, the races I want to do are NYC, Marine Corp, Big Sur, Chicago, and Nike Women's. :)
Ha, when you rope in that sponsorship, let me know! ;) That'd be a goood deal.

It's hard to pick out the spring marathon! The choices are so spread out(around the country), and there are some tough ones to pick from!
MOM said…
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