FALLing in Love

Well, I survived recovery week post marathon, including a few rest days, a painful sports massage and a few workouts.

Thanks to Amber for capturing my ginger crouch to grab my space blanket after my finisher's photo. 

I'm happy to say that I think I already accomplished all of my post race goals, including: a few rest days, making a good recipe, going out to breakfast (we rode our bikes to brunch after I yoga'd on Saturday), post race massage AND I joined my gym again!

On another note, fall foods have stole my heart this week. I'm officially all about the pumpkins, squash and hot foods. 

This week I made: pumpkin spice bread, homemade mac 'n cheese and baked and stuffed bell peppers. This week I bought: 2 more cans of pumpkin, mini pumpkins and produce at a nearby farm, pumpkin beer and a pumpkin spice misto. 

I guess you could say I'm enjoying fall. 

The last time I made stuffed bell peppers was nearly year ago. It's kind of fun to be able to look back and know exactly when that was.

I forgot how easy they are to make, although I was trying to cut down on time and only cooked them for 17 minutes. The bell peppers would have been much softer after 30 min. Oh well, still tasty and healthy. 

On the running front: I waited until Wednesday to do my first workout, including spinning and weights. And Thursday I opted to do a slow 3 miler before work. The legs were a bit tight and my right knee and hip were sore. Overall, I feel like I did a good job taking it easy, but getting in a few workouts.

The biggest issue I'm dealing with is the tightness in my right hip flexor that seems to have been exponentially tightened and more painful thanks to the marathon last weekend. To  make it better, I'm trying to massage it, use the foam roller and the running stick and hold the lunge with my back knee hovering just 1" off the ground.

From here on out, I'm hoping to do yoga a few times a week both at home and in class and be diligent with the foam rolling. Additionally, the manfriend and I are training for the EWEB Run to Stay warm Half Marathon in November so he's gradually working more running miles into his week. Today we did an 8 miler with the running group.

How was your weekend? What have you done so far that's getting you in the fall spirit?

Craving a sweet treat this week? You need to make this pumpkin bread by Megan of Runner's Kitchen. I made a loaf on Saturday morning before yoga class and it was gone by Sunday morning.


Thanks for reminding me about that great stuffed pepper recipe! I remember when you posted about it last year and I made them. SOOO delicious. And I actually just bought 4 stuffed peppers at the Farmer's Market last week. Now I know what to do with them :)
Yum, lots of good eats happening in your house! I am glad you had a good post-marathon week. hope the tightness in the hip flexor improves!

I did a decent amount of cooking, too. I made spaghetti on Friday, and then chicken & dumplings, and pear & apple crisp yesterday. I am loving fall foods - and the cool fall temps!
You've been busy post-race, that's a lot of goal-box checking! I always forget how easy stuffed peppers are - needed this reminder, that's a great homemade meal to create with all different kinds of veggies.

The pumpkin-bread consumption timeline sounds exactly like something that would happen in this household ;)
Yummy! You have been doing a lot of cooking! Thanks for the pumpkin bread recommendation. I'll try it, I have some canned pumpkin sitting in my cupboard that is begging to be used up :)

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