The Fruits of Our Labor

You better believe that after a summer dedicated to running my little heart out, I'm ready to see the fruits of this labor!

Okay, well I sorta already did with surviving (and loving) the 50K, but this is the final test. But let's not forget: the Ridgeline Ramble (1/2 marathon trail race), Cascade Lakes Relay, McKenzie River 50K and now Victoria!

But after I conquer this 26.2, there are just a few things I can't WAIT to do:
  • give myself a few rest days 
  • spend an evening with the kitchen and a good recipe
  • enjoy a post race massage
  • join the GYM again!
  • go out to breakfast on a weekend (the manfriend is excited for this too)

Since we last saw each other, I picked up Lisa from the airport in Seattle, stayed the night there with a friend and then made our way to British Columbia today to meet up with Amber and Leigh!

We made a pit stop at one of the few Lululemon Factory Stores in Burnaby, B.C. It was my first time at a Lululemon factory. For the most part, they have limited sizes, styles and colors, but I managed to find a few good deals.

I grabbed two Power Y tanks for $30 total, another tank for $9 and a headband. They also had items like astro/groove pants and jackets that weren't great deals, but it was still a lot of fun.

Then we raced to the ferry and spent a few hours sitting and chatting with these views right outside.

After sufficiently carb loading for the night on phad thai at Baan Thai, we walked to The Empress Hotel in search of dessert at The Bengal Room.

We ordered the vanilla creme brulee and the chocolate torte with strawberry compote to share. Both were amazing. I think I could have stayed there all night pretending I was in the 1940s, listening to jazz music and staring at the room and the harbor outside.

Okay, time to trust in the training and cue that 'More than Capable' mindset! But more importantly, it's time for bed. They always say that two nights before a marathon is more important to get a good night's sleep than the night before.

Tomorrow we plan to take it easy, grab brunch, hit the marathon expo and anything else that sounds good. Don't forget to enter the Odwalla Bar Giveaway if you haven't already!

Oh and HAPPY THANKSGIVING! It's Canadian Thanksgiving weekend here.


Looks like you gals are having a great time :) Can't wait to see what those legs do for you on Sunday!
Lindsey said…
What a fun weekend! I would probably spend so much money at a Lululemon factory store. Good luck tomorrow! You are going to do great!
Anonymous said…
Have fun tomorrow Lauren ! I'll be thinking of you! Jill

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