On a Roll...

Monday night, I was literally "on a roll" as I hopped on my road bike and the open roads for the first time in months. Sure, I've been logging some miles on the trainer indoors, but that's nothing compared to hills, wind and all the gorgeous views out on the road. 

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The manfriend was kind enough to offer to ride with me at my speed, which is easily recovery pace for him. But I have to admit, it was fun to ride with someone else and got me excited about being on the bike again!

Excuse the overly excited face. And no, you shouldn't do this at home.

Those 23 miles on the McKenzie River loop got me so excited that I'm going to bust out my bike this evening for a short little ride because a little consistency might make me feel like less of a sloth on the bike. We'll see...

I also wanted to share with you guys the Greek salad I made for our Mother's Day BBQ on Sunday. This salad lacks lettuce, but has more than enough veggies and flavor to make up for it. 

Easy Peasy Greek Salad

Ingredients: cucumber, plum tomatoes, red bell pepper, green bell pepper, red onion, kalamata olive, Athenos tomato basil feta, salt, pepper, olive oil and vinegar {to taste}.

This literally is a chop and serve type of salad. And the nice part is, you can leave out an ingredient or two you might not have or dislike, and it likely won't ruin the flavor. But for goodness sake, please do not remove the kalamata olives or feta!

I chilled mine for 30 min or so before leaving the house, but it isn't necessary. This salad is great for warmer days as it's really refreshing.

---> During the summer, I also like making a big batch of this mixed in with rotini noodles and chilling for on-the-go dinners when the house is just too hot to cook in.

On the not so easy side, I also whipped up these lemon blueberry bars from my friend Jessica's blog. Jessica and I went to high school and played volleyball for several years together and now she lives in Kentucky with her husband, baking and cooking up a storm. 

My dad wolfed his piece(s) down, so I guess he liked it. Lemon + blueberry = two flavors that should stick together. 

After dinner, my family all went outside to partake in my youngest brother's slack line. I'd never tried one before, but it was a lot of fun and a great ab workout.

I'm trying to remind myself to get a photo of Pete and I together occasionally. Too often, I just stay behind the camera and we forget to snag a picture of us.

And I still can't get over their new puppy, Niko. He was just adorable running around the yard, making us all laugh. 

What are you doing to mix up your routine this week?


missris said…
Now that the weather is finally nicer, we've been doing a lot more biking too. I try to get out more than once a week (with limited success) but manage to get at least one longer ride in on the weekends. I love it!
Jessica Jarrell said…
Oh my goodness, I want to take that puppy home! So cute! I see you made Lemon Blueberry Bars, they look really good. I'm glad your dad liked them! I'll have to tell my mom, she'll get a kick out of that :)
Yum! That Greek salad looks delicious! I think lettuce is the least intersecting salad ingredient so I would be all about a lettuce-free salad. Especially one that had all those good ingredients. It reminds me of the Greek layered dip I made several times this winter. I need to make that this summer.

Biking sounds like so much fun. I might get a road bike after my move. I had a hard time finding time when I was marathon training but now that I won't be doing that anymore I have more time to cross train. Biking is so fun and makes me feel like a kid!

I am moving this week so my schedule has been totally thrown off by that. I normally would have ran this am but I knew I wouldn't have time for a run + do all the stuff I needed to do before the movers came to pack me. So I worked out around 3 and it was 85 then so I begrudgingly did 4 miles on the treadmill as I couldn't handle a run in the heat and humidity. But I guess it's better than not running at all!
Vanessa said…
My bike is coming home from the shop tomorrow! I can't wait to get her back on the road.

Lemon + blueberry = bliss. Just sayin'.
Unknown said…
Look at you on the bike! You are adorable!!
Greek salads are my favorite to make, too. I love feta cheese and kalamata olives, but I use lemon juice.
Great picture of the two of you!

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