Not 21 and the Best Cobb Salad

Happy Memorial Day to those of you in the states. It sure is nice to have an extra day off! It's hard to even imagine all of those who fight for our country every day as their job. Not only is it a personal sacrifice, but a sacrifice their entire family makes. 

Friday I had a chem test, so all my thoughts were focused on that last week. I had a lot of studying and homework to do to catch up. It seems that after a test, I let myself relax for almost a week and just relax about the studying and then all of a sudden wham, another test!

Somehow, I still managed to get several workouts in.

Monday - 6 mile run with the group

Tuesday - power yoga

Wednesday - 35 min strength training at home: PB Fingers pinned circuit 

Thursday - 20 min a.m. shoulder strengthener yoga, 2 mile run HARD post work

Friday - Somehow my legs were sore from Thursday's two mile run. Guess it was the FAST running and some leftover lactic acid. After a 3.5 hour chem test + a few errands, I ventured out on a muggy 6 mile run with a few miles in the low 8:00 per mile pace! Followed by 25 min Tone it Up strength videos.

Memorial Day luminaries at Domaine Meriwether winery Friday night. Pretty cool to read all the personal messages on the bags. 

Saturday - 30 min gardening {it's crazy how much of an upper body workout digging up soil can be} + a bit of cross training/dancing in Portland for my brother's 21er

Sunday - 10 mile bike commute with the manfriend to and from Trader Joe's for groceries

And now, I'm trying to get motivated to take my booty on a long run. That's what I get for waiting until today to run long. 10 miles or bust...

This weekend we got to celebrate my little brother Max's 21st birthday with my other brother and his wife and a few others in Portland.

Max and gf Hannah

It was fun to get some family time and enjoy the city {I heart Portland} and try to hang with a 21er.

Our first stop was Hopworks Urban Brewery for a good lunch and a little beer. I'm in love with their black bean burger.

Then a little park napping for the weary...

And finally, dinner and drinks!

The highlight of our night was the few hours we spent at Kells, an authentic feeling Irish pub. We snagged a table right next to the stage with a great view of the Irish band as Kells Pipe & Drum band that plays every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month.

The whole gang

Bros and beards

I could have stayed here all night, but we decided to move on to a few other places, ending the night with a little karaoke.

Singing along to Frozen's 'Let it Go' 

Luckily, it was a pretty low key night, but still reminded me that attempting to drink, staying out late and feel fresh as a daisy the next day is not something I excel at. It's cool though because I prefer enjoying a beverage and a full night's sleep.

Best Meal this Week

This cobb salad inspired by Iowa Girl Eats. Monday night, I made sure we had all the fixins for this salad, including asparagus, avocado and center cut bacon. Yuuuum. This would be perfect for a Memorial Day meal!

What are you up to today?


Oh yum! That salad looks amazing. I wouldn't have thought to include asparagus. Yum! I can't wait to move into my condo and restock my kitchen. I've been in a 'state of transition' since mid-May when the movers came so my meals are a little random right now. But in 4 days I'll move in and can get back on track with meal prep and such!

I spent the weekend at my parents' lake home which was so much fun and so relaxing but I headed back last night so I could avoid the lake traffic this morning. I went for a mile run in Phil's neighborhood, got some groceries and a latte and am now at my aunt and uncles house getting organized for the week. I start my new job tomorrow so need to figure out how to do the commute (my aunt and uncle live in the suburbs) and I am also getting ready to move into my condo so am getting organized for that. This week will be a whirlwind for me but I can't wait to move on Friday!
Jessica Jarrell said…
Wow! That salad looks so yummy. It's 6:30 in the morning, and I now want that salad :)

I can't believe how adult your brothers look. They will always be kids in my mind! :)

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