The Good Stuff

Well, the holidays are officially over! I have a few posts brewing in my head, but it hasn't all bubbled up yet so I figured I'd write a bit about the random things that I've been enjoying lately.

I'm loving this lotion these days - Falling in love by Philosophy. Thank you for the gift, Jenn!

This stuff smells so good that I keep sniffing my wrists throughout the day. 

These chips are a new favorite! In my book, the crunchier the chip, the better. They don't have a ton of flavor, but they're perfect when paired with a pineapple or black bean and corn salsa. 

 Trader Joe's, you always know the way to my heart (er, stomach). 

*I'm glad Jillian Michaels is back on the Biggest Loser. She means business. It's also nice to see the show incorporate children and talk more about our nation's obesity epidemic.

It can be easy to ignore the food you put in your mouth or the extra lbs as they begin to stack up, especially if the people around you support your unhealthy habits. I know I'm not the vision of perfect health, but also I know that some people really need a wake up call and the Biggest Loser seems to do just that.

*I devoured Blackberry Winter last weekend. The very same thing happened to me when I read Sarah Jio's Violets of March. And let me tell you, I am not someone who rips through books on a regular basis.

Seriously, read it. 

*While I haven't been following a training plan per say, I still managed to get in 38 miles of running last week! On New Year's Eve, I got off work early and opted to run a 10 miler. I love the runs that feel like fun and not a chore (which are most runs these days).

This week will be a bit of a step back as the body needs a little more cross training and I start winter term tomorrow - anatomy & physiology, here I come. 

*Saturday, I invited a bunch of friends to share the day running on the McKenzie River trail, soaking at Belknap hot springs and finally having dinner at La Perla pizza. I loved every minute of it.

I was very grateful to be surrounded by so many friends and  run  slip and slide through the snow on one of my favorite trails.

And there you have it. I'm feeling grateful, my legs are tired, my belly is full and I smell good. What's new in your world this week?


I love Philosophy products! They smell so good and always such clever names!

I am loving the awesome run I had last night. The temps warmed up to 30 so I headed outdoors and fit a 5 miler in before studying and my pace was 8:35, which is really speedy for me!

Good luck with your upcoming courses. We can vent to each other about studying as I am up to my eye balls in CFA material. Right now I am working through taxation of portfolios and man there are a lot of equations to memorize. :/
missris said…
Man I love Trader Joe's. I often buy those exact chips! I also really like the "spicy" version (it's not super spicy but it does have more flavor).
Tasha Malcolm said…
Philosophy products rock! I love all of their lotions. I also love those chips from TJs. I discovered them over the summer and became obsessed with them. So yummy!
Elizabeth said…
That run and springs day sounds awesome! I'd been looking up some of the hot springs up here to see if it'd be possible to snowshoe in but no one I've talked to thinks it'd be easy enough---bummer! So definitely glad to hear you were able to have your day on Saturday--sounds so perfect :) Good luck with A&P!
Mandy said…
Philosophy products are my absolute favorite bath products to use. I am currently working my way through a gigantic blackberry body wash and lotion set. LOVE!

I have Blackberry Winter on my nook but I havent started it yet. I will have to pull it to the top of my list.
Luna said…
Looks like you had a great weekend!!
Good luck with the upcoming semester (is it a semester?we have semesters here), these two courses looks really interesting, can't wait to approach them myself.

Since you run so much on trails (and snowy and icy ones too!!), may I ask you what kind of shoes do you use?I am venturing into the "trail running" for an event I want to participate in in March, it's an ultra (65K) on trails and I have no clues both on shoes or ultra training!!! :)
I love Philosophy products! If I wasn't so broke, I'd actually buy some for myself :( Putting this on my to-buy list, though!

I just got Violets of March for my birthday, but I haven't started it yet. I've heard such great things about Sarah Jio, I can't wait!

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