A First for Everything

As you may know, I tend to get a bit of anxiety if I don't get a chance to get some exercise in most days. I had meetings in Portland all day Friday and half of Saturday, which required me to be on the road at 6:30 am on Friday.

With a day of meetings and then a reception, I knew there wouldn't be any other time for a workout if I didn't get it in early. So before hitting the road, I headed out the door for a quick run in my neighborhood.

It went something like this:
5 min easy
1 min hard, 1 min easy
1 min hard, 1 min easy
2 min hard, 1 min easy,
1 min hard, 1min easy,
1 min hard
6 min easy

It was raining out, which actually was pretty refreshing for a 5 am wake up call. When I got back inside, I followed it up with five min of strength - push ups, dips, push ups, tricep kick backs and plank.

It was short, but sweet: 21 min of running + 5 min of strength. Adding the bursts of speed definitely made the workout go by faster and feel like I was getting more bang for my minutes if you will.

View from my hotel window

Somehow, I escaped the rain in Portland, which made for perfect city walking weather. I met up with my brother and Sabrina for dinner on Saturday night. The view from my hotel windows reminded me how much I love this city. 

Saturday morning, I also put a quick 30 min session in at the hotel gym with 20 on the treadmill (including speed/incline fun) and 10 min of strength (weighted jump squats, push ups, abs).  It definitely makes me feel a little better about sitting for a few hours in meetings.

Extra! Extra! 
A few months ago, I talked to a writer for an upcoming story in Eugene Weddings about great proposal stories. Ours was one of the three featured in this winter's edition and I finally got my hands on a few copies. It's fun to see it in print.

Honorable mention of the week: 
Pete made his first dinner for me from a RECIPE!

Now, he's made dinner before (spaghetti, Annie's mac 'n cheese, salads, etc), but never something that required buying specific ingredients, prepping and then baking. I was so happy to come home last Wednesday after a short run in the rain and studying at a coffee shop to a warm dinner!

I'm looking forward to see what he comes up with next...

Sorry about the bright light near his head

This was definitely a bit indulgent, but very tasty! In true Sassy fashion, he used about half the amount of cheese, swapped plain yogurt for sour cream and almond milk for regular. I topped mine with a little salsa and added spinach on the side. I especially liked the kick of the green chiles. 

Seeing as how I'm the foodie and enjoy cooking, I do a majority of our meal making around here. But with school getting stressful, I've asked Pete to cook dinner at least once or twice a week so that I can study a bit when I get home from work, running, etc. 

Do you or your spouse do the majority of the cooking or do you take turns? And what about the dish washing? Have a great rest of your Sunday!

P.S. This week The fitnessista starts her Winter Shape Up. I don't typically follow her meal plans, but I love most of her workouts. They are often a nice mix of strength and cardio and have you dripping sweat in 20 min. 


Yum! That looks delicious. Well done, man friend! I definitely do ALL of the cooking when we stay in (which is what we do most of the time) but Phil sets the table, fills the water glasses, and clears the table/helps with dishes. So we kind of have our tasks! And he usually pays when we do eat out to make up for the fact that I buy the groceries when I cook.

Nice work on getting your workouts in amidst a busy weekend! I have gotten better about getting workouts in while traveling. It is tough getting up at 5 do to that, but it's worth it!
Elizabeth said…
Work-outs sound great and way to go to your man :) My ex was the primary cook in our place cause he was especially picky (there's more to this). It's one of the hardest things to try to motivate myself to cook for me now! Enjoy it lady!!
Luna said…
intense 30-minute workout!!you surely know how to take advantage of time!!

Very nice of Pete; I find myself fantasizing about having a little more help in the house. Everything falls on me - cooking,cleaning up, loading unloading the dishwasher, making coffee, doing the laudry, line hanging the, ironing, feed the cats, mak ethe bed, pay the bills, remember deadlines ... I can go on. Sometimes I am tired, i feel like I am a mother more than a wife.BUT, and that's the important part, it was MY fault.I am that kind of person who has to control everything, and who keeps whining while she isn't in fact able to delegate. SO!You're on the good path NOT to be like me ;)
Tasha Malcolm said…
Congratulations on being selected for the feature. I loved your proposal story.

Is Pete going to cook dinner more frequently now???? I wish that my husband would cook me dinner. I hate cooking every night, especially when I am busy and tired.
missris said…
I'm kind of spoiled because D does all the cooking in our house :) Although I do meal plan and make grocery lists, cut coupons, and pay attention to sales, etc. so it's not like I don't contribute at all. He just likes to cook and I absolutely hate it (and am not very good at it) so it works better for us if he cooks!
Raquelita said…
Yay for being featured and for yummy casseroles! My husband and I typically take turns cooking or we cook together. Whoever doesn't do the cooking (or does the least work when we cook together) does the cleaning up in the kitchen after the meal. Right now, since he's unemployed, he does the vast majority of the other housework and household errands.
Amber said…
Eric is pretty helpful around the house but with him being in school right now too I would say I've taken on a bit more again. Plus he doesn't clean to "my standards" he is however an excellent cook and has made me some super gourmet meals before including homemade sushi and homemade pasta among other things! Most nights of the week though we kind of cook/do our own thing in the kitchen and I'm fine with that!

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