A Blanket of Fog

Hello, Friday, so nice to see you.

It's been a pretty exhausting week so I'm happy Friday is here. Not to mention, it's been freezing for about 10 days straight (but no rain!) so snuggling up on the couch with a good book my Anatomy & Physiology book and some tea sounds pretty relaxing.

This week, I finally pulled out an oldie, but goodie - my hooded, gloved Adidas running top! One of the best running purchases I've made, even though I cringed at the price back then.

Tuesday night we went to our friends' Sarah and Cory's house for dinner. We brought salad and the best brownies to contribute.

Before I picked up ingredients for the salad, I had to google "Italian salad" to figure out what would go well with the manicotti main dish. I settled on: romaine lettuce, carrot ribbons, cucumbers, grape tomatoes, red onion and kalamata olives w/ poppyseed dressing.

Tuesday and Wednesday, I kept my workouts indoors, but Thursday I headed out into the cold fog for a little speed workout. It looked really cool at the track with such a big group and a blanket of fog surrounding us.

The workout: warm up, drills/strides, 3 rounds of 5 min jogging the curves and sprinting the straights, 800m @ 5K pace and finally a cool down.

This morning, my legs were a bit stiff and sore. I went back to what's worked so well for me in the past - running slow and relaxed for a few miles. After all, I'm hoping my legs aren't too sore for Sunday's Cascade Half Marathon.

Anyone else racing this weekend? Any fun plans or recipes on your mind?


No races for me! It's too dang cold. Our high for Monday is honestly -2F. Frick that is cold!

I have very little planned besides studying. I get Monday off so I really want to sleep in a bit and then get my study hours in so I can have the afternoon/evening to read and relax!!!
Leigh said…
No racing for me this weekend. Hope your race goes well!
Tasha Malcolm said…
Good luck tomorrow- I hope that your legs will feel nice & fresh.

No big plans this weekend or races for me. I am looking forward to being a bum. :-)

Speed work always makes my legs a little stiff and sore too, especially the inner thigh! I hope your half marathon went well and you were not too sore for it!

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