The Calm

I've started a few blog posts this week, but haven't managed to get them posted. Posts about running and mindful eating. But those can wait.

Today feels the opposite of "the calm before the storm." Today, I just feel in the storm.

It should be noted that nothing drastic has happened in my life, but a few friends have had upsetting things happen in their lives, work is busier than I'd prefer, studying and reading is weighing on me and well, I don't feel much forward momentum in a lot of areas in life. Oh and just a little thing called wedding planning!

Anyway, today is just one of those days I needed to vent.

I know that I get to make decisions that propel me forward. Often times I get so stuck in weighing the endless possibilities that I'm unable to make a decision.

So, that's that. Here's to just making a decision, being happy and sticking with it!

Currently on my {wedding} brain: caterers, colors, chairs, save the dates, addresses, rehearsal...

Tell me: What's one thing you're looking forward to?
I'm excited that my high school girlfriends are reuniting for our annual weekend of fun in February! In the past, we've met up in Cannon Beach on the coast, but this year we're heading to Hood River, OR outside of Portland for a change. It will be nice to just spend a weekend laughing, relaxing and making meals together.


Yep, I feel completely caught in the storm right now, too. And I am suffering from analysis paralysis. I am just over thinking every. single. thing. I need to get to a point where I just make the best decision I can - and then don't look back and think about the 'what ifs'.

I am looking forward to happy hour after work tomorrow with some of my favorite work people and then a quiet night in with Phil.
I know exactly how you feel! At least you have a positive attitude, my 'tude could use some adjusting. :/

BUT tomorrow is FRIDAY. Thank goodness for that!
Amber said…
Oh I totally know that feeling when nothing is REALLY wrong or bad but life just feels off, and crazy. Thinking of you! This too shall pass!

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