Violets of March Book Review

Not gonna lie, I picked this book up in part because I've read Sarah Jio's Glamour articles and in part because I'd seen positive reviews from other writers I admire. Oh, and in th part becuase it takes place on Bainbridge Island on the Puget Sound (near my grandparents' summer cabin).

I picked the book up recently for 20% off at my local Borders during their going out of business sale.

Violets of March is the story of a young woman in New York whose marriage has just ended. She escapes to the sleepy island in Washington to spend the entire month of March with her aunt Bee, healing.

Meanwhile, she discovers a family secret that has her searching for answers about her family's past. And why so many people on the island want to shield her from whatever happened there back in 1942. In the midst of healing and looking for answers, Emily Wilson also falls in love, or so she thinks.

What I though might be an okay story, turned out to be enthralling. I cracked open the book on my flight bound for Philadelphia (and the Healthy Living Summit) and ended up 247 pages in within just a few hours. This is definitely not like me - I am a slooow reader.

In short, I'd highly recommend this book. It was the perfect amount of mystery, love and escape all rolled into one.

Do you ever buy books because you feel like you know the author just a little bit (ahem, Mama Pea)? What's your favorite recent read?


I REALLY want to read this book. Do you think I could borrow it in October and then mail it back to you??

I also want to read it because I feel like I "know" Sarah :-) I've also heard nothing but great reviews!! Glad to hear you enjoyed it too!
I really want to read this book, too. I just have not gotten around to buying it yet.

Same goes for the book, 'Two kisses for maddie'. I want to read it but have yet to buy it!

Can't wait to check out both of those books. I have heard nothing but amazing things about both of them!

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