What's for Dinner?

When life gets busy, I tend not to do much meal planning or looking at recipes. Trying to catch up at work after the Healthy Living Summit, working out and getting projects done around the house before the manfriend's brother and wife come to visit is making life a little chaotic.

My right glute and hip are feeling extra tight lately, so last night I took my run super easy and knew I needed yoga in my life. Too much running and not enough streeetching. Tonight, I opted to head to a hot yoga class after work.

Yoga was just what I needed. I came home, did a little cleaning and pulled together a quick, healthy dinner.

Tonight was Polenta Marinara over Arugula
Serves 2 + leftovers for 1 lunch

What you need:
Polenta roll
Trader Joe's roasted bell pepper and onion
Diced onion
Black bean and corn
Cremini mushrooms
Cracked pepper, red pepper flakes, basil and oregano


1. Slice polenta, oil flat pan/skillet well, add polenta slices and diced onion. Cook over medium. Flip after 4-5 min.

2. In a smaller pan, stir fry 1/4 cup roasted bell pepper and onion, 1/2 cup black bean and corn, sliced mushrooms and spices with a little olive oil. After a few minutes, add 1 cup marinara. Simmer for 5-8 min.

3. Plate with arugula on the bottom, polenta slices and onion topped with marinara. Sprinkle with parmesan if you'd like.

* While corn and black bean may seem like an odd addition to marinara, we like to throw them both into almost anything. The flavor is good and the added protein and fiber from the beans is always appreciated.

** I don't usually buy arugula (I'm generally a spinach girl), but it kind of tasted like a weed or something. I was trying to switch it up in the greens department, but I don't think I'm a huge fan.

What's a unique add in that others might find strange in a dish? I have one or two more recaps coming from the Healthy Living Summit, but they're just taking a while to write.


I haven't done a whole lot of meal planning lately either, but my houseguest-buddy made an amaaazing veggie bbq pizza last night. Our unique add-in was green chile - only unique because its not freshly available country-wide :) and we LOVE IT.
Lindsey said…
That meal sounds really good. Polenta is one of those things I haven't tried to make. I'll have to try it soon! I don't prefer arugula either. I'm more of a spinach girl as well.
I don't like arugula either! I thought I would so I got some at the farmer's market a couple of weeks ago and I thought maybe I Had gotten a bad batch as it had an awful, sort of bitter taste to it. no thanks!

That meal looks delicious!!

I can't think of any weird add ins... I like mustard on a lot of thigns - like on salads, and some people find that odd.

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