Strawberry Cake you Need to Make

Trust me, this is the kind of dessert you won't be sorry you spent the time on. And speaking of time, this was one of the less time consuming desserts I've made.

Thank you to the Transplanted Baker for bringing this recipe to light. And thank you to Smitten Kitchen and Martha for being brilliant bakers as well.

The brilliance of this oh so summer strawberry cake is that you basically take a simple white cake and add strawberries and more sugar to the top. If you love strawberries, you need to bring this to the next BBQ or potluck you attend.

I used half whole wheat pastry flour and half all purpose flour for my recipe. Although Siri (Transplanted Baker) suggests buckwheat flour, I came up empty handed after searching two grocery stores.

Drooling yet? Wipe off your keyboard and click here for the recipe. This cake is so light and fluffy that you'll be done with it before you know it. It lasted exactly 24 hours in a house of two people.

Ooh, and I also tested out my new food scale/measuring cup gadget! It's cool - did you know that some flours are heavier than others? I was a little surprised myself. I'm excited to use it for other food making adventures.

Questions of the day: What's your favorite "truly summer" dish/dessert that you've made recently? Favorite kitchen gadget?

On the running front: my right hammy/glute is still not exactly recovered from last weekend's shenanigans. Although, I still managed to crank out some tempo and 200s last night during our speed workout. If it doesn't get any better, I may need to head back to the PT, but I'm crossing my fingers here and foam rolling.

Tomorrow morning, I have plans to run with the group along the McKenzie River Trail (where the 50K will be) so I'm hoping the leg holds up for at least 20 miles...


siri said…
Lauren! Your photos turned out GREAT! Might that be a Fiestaware pie plate? I'm glad you liked the cake, now you have me wanting to make yet another one this weekend.
Siri - you're spot on. That is a Fiestaware pie plate given to me by the manfriend's mother. I love it.
I have two cases of blackberries in the fridge that I thought I would eat throughout the week and I've totally forgotten about! I was thinking I should make some sort of dessert with them :)

Your cake looks amaaaazing. Yum.
siri said…
I've got one in sunflower yellow. Macy's clearance sale, $3.99.
Oo, I love the fiesta ware! I have plates and mugs that a friend who lives close to a fiesta plant got for me for super cheap. That looks delish. My favorite summer treat is corn on the cob, made on the grill!

My favorite kitchen gadget is probably my garlic press. I use it SO much because I do not like finely chopping garlic!!

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